St. Patty's Day Gift

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I confess: I didn't wear any green today.

Totally spaced it.

But, to make it up to you, I have some crazy good news:

We got copies of the 2009 Sonlight Catalog today!

Patty's Day Sonlight Catalog Video

That means that you can expect to see them in the next few weeks because they are in the mail system now. That's right: Catalogs are going out right now. In the mail system. Today.

The less than exciting news is that the mail system can be slow--since we aren't rushing--so you still have to wait.

But they are coming.

They are!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Annemarie

    YIPPEEE!!!! That *is* crazy good news! Now I get to stalk my postman...



  2. Heather the Mama Duk

    Woohooooooooooo!!!!! Considering it always seems to take FOREVER for mine to arrive... I should have it by my birthday (April 5th). Good enough lol

    I didn't wear green today, but finding out last night that I have the beginning of pneumonia kind of made me totally forget today was St. Patrick's Day. And I have a mother-in-law living in Ireland. Shame on me!

  3. Jeanne

    Thanks, Luke!!! That's great news!!!

  4. Esthermay

    ♪♫ Oh - Hap-py -Daa--aaa--ay! ♪♫

  5. Melonie

    How awesome! And I dig the video - that's cute. lol

  6. Jenny in Ca

    that was silly/cute! Looved it!

    happy St. Paddy's day, and thanks for the sneak peek!

  7. Hunybee

    We are moving and my catty is going to get lost in the mail maze. If I were say in town in April and I just happened to knock on the SL door would someone hand me a catty??? I promise I won't try to get into the building....even though I will be powerfully tempted to. :)

  8. Jana

    So if I order something Friday, will I get the new catalog in Thursday's Fedex Shipment ?????????

    I just can't wait !

  9. maryjack

    I knew it was close...I've been checking the mailbox with anticipation all week, already! I can't wait.

  10. Lisa

    Is there a tracking numbers I can follow online?!?

  11. Amy Peterson

    Woohoo! I am a Sonlight catalog junkie! My husband always asks "Don't you have that thing memorized yet?"

  12. Luke

    Annemarie, when he finally brings you the catalog, be sure to give him cookies to make up for your stalking <smile>.

    Heather, you're still sick? Ugh. May you get well soon. ...and be sure to post about your birthday when it rolls around because I'm likely to forget before then.

    Jeanne, welcome to the blog--I just added yours to my RSS reader <smile>. Unless I missed it before, I think this was your first comment. Thanks, and I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming days.

    Esthermay, beautiful singing <smile>. And I have no idea how you did those musical notes...

    ♪♫ Cool! Thanks for making me look that up <smile>.

    Melonie, glad you liked the video <smile>.

    Jenny, you are most welcome! Thanks for commenting <smile>.

    Hunybee, did you not update your address with us? If you are in town in April, I will gladly hand you a copy of the catalog <smile>. But, we may have to do the exchange "off site" so I don't get in trouble <smile>.

    Jana, we only got a limited number in, but we may have the rest of them on Friday... but it may not be until Monday. I really don't know when we'll start dropping them in orders.

    Maryjack, it's coming! <smile>

    Lisa, sadly, no. We're trying to save on postage <smile>.

    Amy, I'm so glad to hear it! <smile>


  13. Sarah

    Love it love it!!!

  14. Leslie

    YIPPEEE!!!! I have the Pizza place on speed dial, and I'll have dh forewarned that he may be coming home to a trashed house but a happy wife one day soon!

  15. Sue

    I won't even begin stalking my mailman (mailwoman, actually) for another month or two. Sigh. One of the drawbacks of living half way around the world is slow mail. I'm not thinking aobut the catalog. I'm not!

  16. Luke

    Sarah, I'm glad <smile>.

    Leslie, sounds okay in this instance... that whole "if mama ain't happy" thing <laughing>.

    Sue, I wish teleportation was a viable shipping method. Alas, it is not. You will be able to download a digital copy on April 1 though... that's the best I can do. Hang in there!