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As one of the "web guys" here at Sonlight, I have to keep an eye on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We want people to be able to find our site if they search for "homeschool curriculum" and "curriculum packages" and "Christian homeschooling" ... you get the picture. And so, we try to make sure our pages contain those words so Googlebot can help others find our incredible homeschool materials and support.

Aside: yes, Sonlight's curriculum is really, really good. Sonlight is not for everyone, sure, but if it is a fit for you and your family, it is the best. Not that I'm biased or anything <smile>.

I also try to keep an eye on what others are saying about Sonlight out here on the intertubes. And I keep running into these sites that seem to have taken SEO to a whole new level of insanity. For example, I came across the following blog post today:

Sonlight Curriculum Vendor of total homeschool package

Looks potentially useful. What does it have to say? Near as I can tell, the first bit is about Sonlight, and the rest is not. And even the bit about Sonlight is almost unintelligible:

NotesResources are ranked within each topic the first listed is the useful and the last the least useful, in my opinion. Also offers lots of info on and resources for homeschooling. Catalog downloadable updates for users


I poked around the site a little more and discovered that many of the posts appear to be nothing more than textual vomit--that was for you, Melonie <smile>--trying to pass for SEO.

If you find that I ever start doing something that works for machines but is meaningless to you, please ask me to stop.

Thank you.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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