Safety is Job 1

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Anyone remember the Ska fad?

If so, did you ever listen to the Five Iron Frenzy "Quantity is Job 1" album? It was amusing to me because, despite the title, there were only about six songs listed on the back cover. Inside, something like nine tracks were listed. But the album actually has 17 tracks.

Goofy humor. Good stuff.

But not all goofy things make for good stuff.

Jerri-Ann just started a series on recess. I'm interested in where she's taking it--and getting her perspective--but if her source is right and tag is being outlawed during recess, we've really hit a recession there too ...a slowly waning opportunity of physical activity and exercise.

It seems that we're moving more and more toward a "legislation must care for me" type mindset. Gone are the days of personal responsibility and learning to act appropriately. "Socialization" no longer means "to learn how to act appropriately in society," but rather "to conform to society's dictates." These are the days of confining rules that bind us to a system.

And I know there are some good reasons for it. For example, I don't really let the 4th and 5h graders I teach for Sunday School go play outside. There have been too many fights that have started and, even if they are minor scuffles, I can't have that happening when I also have to watch 20 other kids. So I have sympathy for the system.

...on the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if the system itself is largely to blame. As a teacher, I don't have any course of action to take when a child acts up. Not that we should go back to the days of smacking children with rulers... but my hands are completely tied when it comes to punishing bad behavior--especially things like violent outbursts against other students.

Thus, my observations are as follows:

  1. Children need to be allowed to "get their wiggles out"
    ...for boys, especially, this means some moderately dangerous options
  2. Bad behavior must be dealt with
    ...especially when it is against other children
  3. Homeschooling provides the best opportunities for both of these conditions to be met

Homeschooling allows children to develop holistically and wholesomely, even when safety is job 1. What's more, real socialization can truly take place.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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