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...don't you think I agree? I agree!

Today I read a post about how we cannot agree to disagree because of 1 Corinthians 1:10. And I thought that was fascinating, especially since there is rather a lot of division within the "Body of Christ" as it is... Sonlight in the middle of it all from time to time.

But how can I say, "I disagree that we must all agree"? <smile>

To say that we must all agree, I would imply that everyone must agree... with me; that I have, somehow, arrived at the singular, all-inclusive Truth. But I don't like that because

  1. It shuts down all discussion, argument, or further study. Any research or contemplation that does not match my conclusion is antagonistic against me and, at best, merely ungodly.
  2. It makes it impossible to graciously concede a point. If I'm right and someone demonstrates that I am wrong, then they are inexplicably wrong and I must stick my head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their point.
  3. It elevates me--or, at minimum, my beliefs--to the highest position of "unquestionable truth" ... which can quickly lead to tyranny and reeks of pride (of which I have all too much personal experience <smile>).

Thus, I see nothing wrong with passionately arguing your position.

I think it is healthy to question and allow others to question you.

I think it is good to look at the other side of things.

And while, yes, it is not good to have division, I think the call is to not be divided over matters of disagreement. As the passage goes on to say: Following Christ is what is important, not whose teachings you gravitate toward. Those should not divide us.

So, I think that we can be united and of the same mind, even if we disagree on the age of the earth, the best way to interact with others, the best color for carpeting, or whether drums or skirts above the knee are acceptable.

One of my friends who grew up a Muslim once told me that it was hard for him at first to be in church where everyone prayed to God while standing up. 'How disrespectful,' he thought. 'We must pray in humility, with our faces to the ground.'

Talking with him demonstrated just how much we can learn from one another--those with whom we disagree--and is a great picture of what my wife has said: I think the true Church is a conglomeration of all the different denominations that each reflect a different aspect of God.

This is not to say there isn't absolute truth. There is. But, for now, I think it is important that we all grow in humility and remain free to disagree so we can all, hopefully, get ever closer to that Truth.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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