Rinse and Repeat

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Ever have those days where you're just doing your thing over and over again, like life is on the "spin cycle" and there's not much more to it than that?

For me: That was today.

Not that I mind repetition much--[aside: my fingers tend to forget that the "ti" in that word is repeated]--but shouldn't life be more? Where's the excitement, the awe? Isn't there more than this?

Even more odd is the fact that I did a wide variety of things today, to the point of almost being overwhelmed. But they still felt like they were part of the overall "spinning" of life. For me it was web corrections, HTML adjustment, email management and... web corrections, HTML...

<spin> <spin> <spin>

...all while watching the clock do it's own spinning, reminding me of my limited time. Based on the blogs I've read, this is how laundry, meal preparation, and diapers are (and I'm probably missing a whole host of other things). I wish I had a brilliant insight, or super encouraging message.

But I don't.

I'm in the same boat.

The same sinking ship.

The same spinning washer [please mentally insert applicable Calvin and Hobbes comic strip].

Sometimes the phrase "tomorrow is another day," isn't that hopeful. On the other hand, the curse of "May your life be interesting" isn't exactly ideal either. And perhaps that's why the teacher said: A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.

May you find satisfaction in your work, whatever line of work that may be. And if it has to do with your own kids, I'm a little jealous <smile>. Not that I don't find satisfaction in my own job, but that I'm getting antsy about this whole "expectant father" thing....

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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