Quo Vadis?

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Certainly a fun flick. The book has many more graphic depictions of debauchery, and is probably not suitable for children.

But the story is good.

Quo vadis? It's an important question: "Where are you going?"

I have the opportunity to sit in on sessions where "the powers that be" discuss the future of Sonlight. And it's fascinating. First, it becomes very clear that vision casting is hard to do. Second, it's exciting to consider the possibilities. And, third, it is humbling to be reminded just how much everyone here cares about you, the one who is actually homeschooling your children.

Please know that we pray for you as we meet to discuss our next steps. We are all deeply committed to blessing you and helping you teach your children the way you wish you'd been taught <smile>.

I know I appreciate your prayers for us as well. We need wisdom and guidance as we consider the options and the suggestions of how we can serve you better.

Thank you for being a part of the Sonlight family; or, at the very least, for your encouragement and friendship.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Heather the Mama Duk

    I love being part of the Sonlight family :)

  2. SaraJane

    hmmm... i'm intrigued and i just downloaded the book. thanks for mentioning it. Oh, and thank you for your prayers on MY Sonlight family. The Sonlight crew are a blessing each and everyday to us.

  3. Sue

    No, thank you! We are so thankful for Sonlight, and all that you do. Can't wait to hear about where you are going! Oh, and I didn't have to wait all that long for my catalog afterall. I have been drooling over it for more than a week now! Too bad we're only in week 16.

  4. Angela

    how fun...i'm your 100th follower. :) congrats!

  5. Luke

    Heather, I'm very glad to have you as a part of the family too <smile>.

    SaraJane, so glad to hear it! It is a privilege to pray with and for you.

    Sue, awesome! I know waiting can be hard, but I'm glad the catalog didn't take to long to get to you.

    Angela, thank you so much! Woo-hoo! Yay!


  6. Farm Fresh Jessica

    I am totally adding that to my book list. I never would have picked it if it weren't for you.

    And you're welcome. And you're prayed for from Iowa. And when I read your blurb in the new catalogue, I was all "ooh, I 'know' that guy!"

    I am SO thankful for Sonlight, and my kids aren't even in school yet!

  7. Luke

    Jessica, that's so funny. I tell people, "This book contains mature content," and everyone runs out to get it <smile>.

    ...and I have no idea they mentioned me in the catalog. Thanks for bringing that to my attention <smile>.

    I can't wait to start reading about your Sonlight adventures with your kids!