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The really great bloggers get hundreds of comments on every post they write. Insights, wisdom and praise gush forth from their rapt1 audience.

I am not a really great blogger.

But every once in a while a post of mine will be flooded with responses. Yesterday's was one such post.

Just about everyone wanted to talk about the birds and bees. Which surprised me, but it shouldn't 've. Because while I know what's going on in the back of my mind when I write something, no one else does. And so my friends read my post and thought, 'Luke needs some advice on telling someone about babies!' Or, perhaps, what I wrote reminded you of something from your past that you decided to share.

Which is great.

But I actually included the birds and bees bit because I thought it was an easily recognizable situation that could introduce the idea of full disclosure. And I was thinking about full disclosure because of the next bit of information we'll be sending out about the OneVerse project.

All that to say: I was amused at how a post that was, in my mind, about something else entirely, ended up being the hottest post of the week. And along with a smile, I also got to feel like a pretty good blogger for a day despite my struggle to communicate clearly. <smile>

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

1. Now I'm confused: Is it rapt or wrapt?

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  1. Lynnae

    Don't sell yourself short! You're a really great blogger that just hasn't been discovered yet. :)

    Looking forward to the One Verse project!

  2. se7en

    HAHA Luke, some topics are hot whatever you write about them! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  3. Laurel

    Rapt would be right. "Wrapt" is either a misspelling of "rapt" or an old-timey spelling of "wrapped".

  4. Luke

    Thanks, Lynnae! <smile> And I'm very excited about the OneVerse project as well!

    Se7en, good point <smile>.

    Laurel, that's true (and what the site says), but the definition on "wrapt" felt closer to what I was going for... and feels cooler because of the old-timey nature of it <laughing>. But, yes: Rapt is more correct.


  5. Anonymous

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  6. Luke

    Thanks, Anon <smile>.