Palpitations, Murmurs, and Goo

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Brittany asked me to listen to her heart last night because it was skipping beats on a fairly consistent basis.

That doesn't sound good.

Dr. Luke

Because it was late, Brittany had to self-diagnose with the internet as her only tool. She discovered that the cause could be anything from "low blood sugar" to "something serious."

Hmm... informative.

With that wide of a potential cause base I would appreciate your prayers for her. And if prayer isn't your thing, I am thankful for your thoughts as well. And if you're not into thinking, well, I'll take...

Isn't that cool word?


As I've thought about that word, I'm not sure I've heard too many people murmur in the recent past. And, I guess the word popped into my head because sometimes corporate prayer sounds like murmurs and sometimes hearts have murmurs, and I guess my brain put those two together.

Now to the slimy substance of this post: Goo.

I was up late last night playing a really fun physics game with Jason.

Physics? Fun?

I hear ya. I took a physics lab in high school too. I remember how my grade depended on how close the marble landed to the bulls eye after calculating the trajectory and assuming that air resistance was negligible.

I feel your pain.

But, seriously, you need to check out World of Goo. You can download the free trial which includes several really fun levels of physics learnin' via goo balls. It's kinda like Lemmings, only far better and more dependent on physics.

Seriously: Download the Goo Demo Now!

And if you're looking for another, potentially educational game, check out one by the FTC. It looks like an interesting concept with potentially damaging purposes.

Jerri Ann

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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