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Let's say you're interested in trying out something new. It could be a new digital camera, cookbook, spelling program, dental cream, garden tool or smartphone app. Before you decide to invest in this amazing new thing, you wonder: How do other people like this?

That is, if you're anything like me. Not that I use dental cream. I have, however, used dental wax before. Which isn't really the same thing.

Where was I?

Right. If you're anything like me, you probably read reviews, blog posts and anything else you can find on a product before you shell out your hard-earned money. And you're not alone. We all love to hear about the experiences of others. Like penguins on an iceberg, we'd rather find out if someone else got eaten before we're ready to jump.

That's where you come in.

Several of our more recent products do not have any reviews yet.

MathTacular4 Reviews

Would you be willing to take a couple minutes and rate the homeschool products you're using? You will help other homeschoolers make better choices. Since you've already "tested the waters"--as it were--your insights and experience are invaluable. The number of stars you select will help shape the buying decisions of homeschoolers around the world.

That's huge.

Please feel free to review anything from Sonlight that you've used. But I'd really appreciate your feedback on:

Grammar 5
Grammar 6
and Piano Wizard

Thank you so much for braving the waters for the rest of us!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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