Musings on a Merry Christmas

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I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday ... no matter how, or with whom, you spent it! Our Christmas was somewhat bittersweet this year ... life changes so quickly. I was reading a thread over on the Sonlight Forums that was talking about expectations, and how Christmas is a time of year when they are most often not met. It struck me that often my expectations for the "perfect" Christmas holiday are based on my rose-colored childhood memories. Or even my memories of earlier holidays when my children were toddlers, and we all got caught up in the magic of the season as we saw it through their eyes.

Time marches on ... my parents are aging ... our oldest is off to college and brings friends home with her when she comes ... the economy manages to "intrude" on any holiday plans we might have ... friends come and go ... etc ... As I lay in bed last night thinking over this year's Christmas "experience" and expectations, I was reminded that there is at least one constant in my life that time does not affect ... the love of God that sent His Son for me. A fairly new Christmas song (by Faith Hill) that I heard last night summed it up well ... A Baby Changes Everything ... may that baby provide a life-impacting change for you this season.

Blessings ...

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