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I've got the Monday Blues. Or the Monday Foggy Brain. Or the Monday Exhaustion. Or, well, something to do with Monday's that mean this is my least productive day of the week.

I often find that I'm dragging out of bed and wanting a nap by 9:30.

This sums up my energy level.

I find myself shuffling through things that got taken out over the weekend and haven't been put away.*

I glance through the fridge, it's getting low but it's not shopping day. I could clean, but cleaning day is Thursday, and really, if I clean at 10am the house will not look cleaned by the time the girls go to bed anyway.

I see most of my friends over the weekend, so the need to call and hang out or catch up with a friend is missing.

We generally spend Sunday afternoon with Beppe and Grandpa, so I'm always a bit hesitant to ask if we can come over; I want to make sure they can get done what they need.

Goodness, what a whiner! I definitely need a new strategy to make Monday's a productive day.

Some things I came up with:

  • Make a plan on Saturday night with stuff to do Monday?
  • Make it an errand day?
  • A bread/muffin baking day? (Not something I currently do, but have been thinking about trying)
  • A field trip day?

I'm big on checking off lists, but I feel like Monday turns out to be the day when all of my lists are made to then be checked off during the rest of the week.

So tell me, how do you deal with your down day?

Suggestions for mine?

Until next time,

*I'm grateful to take Sunday as a day of rest, and so I choose to not do any housework. Therefore, the house often is in pretty rough shape come Monday morning.

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  1. Sheila

    For me, Monday is laundry day. It's also "pick up the house from the weekend" day. You could switch your Monday and Thursday and make Monday cleaning day. Then Thursday could be a fun day where you schedule different activities. Maybe baking day but also library story time day?

  2. Jonelle

    Thanks Sheila! I think I might start doing laundry and a general clean up on Monday. Right now Eliana is learning to feed herself, so, my house could probably stand to be cleaned daily... :) I think the laundry will be enough of a "need to complete" while still easing into the week.