Love to Learn Starts at Box Day

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This was our very first box day!

My son Dylan, 8 and daughter Mandy, 5 had no idea what to expect from the word "Box Day." I pitched the idea and struck out for about a week. Dylan was so not interested in books. Actually, I bought Sonlight because it pitched, Love to Learn, and boy, did we need that!!! The day finally arrived and Dylan cautiously approached Mandy and I digging into this huge box. He casually asked where the castle was, and I told him where it was in the box... and then it happened....

He looked at a book, and another, and another, and another.....
Pretty soon he was digging in and helping sort them out. He even read <--- I did ask him to read the packing slip for me. We are on our way now, Week 3, and he has had a blast with it... THANKS SONLIGHT Belinda, Dylan and Mandy

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