Life Lessons from Literature: Service Dogs

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One of my co-workers is reading Sonlight titles to her daughter. They recently finished Follow My Leader, a story about a boy and his guide dog. While at the museum a few weeks ago, they noticed someone with a service dog. Rather than asking about it, or running up to see if she could pet the animal, the girl simply pointed and looked up at her mom.

"It was amazing to see her level of understanding," my co-worker beamed. Her daughter, after listening to a story about a young man and his service dog, had an incredible understanding of the situation.

Literature brings us into contact with people in situations different from our own. But it also allows us to experience and understand another's perspective. We have, in a sense, walked in their shoes. We understand the situation in ways no pamphlet or textbook could convey.

And I just love that: A depth of understanding... found within a book.

What life lessons has your family learned through books?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

NB: Follow My Leader is no longer included in Core B. We do, as of posting, still have a few copies left. Grab yours before they all sell out!

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