Learning Opportunities

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The Rice Bag Project is coming to a close. Please donate to Mission India by November 21, 2008. We are so grateful for your generous gifts! But as Mission India has stated:

Please do not send your loose change to us. The Rice Bags are yours to keep!

Let the following be a learning opportunity:

Expensive Rice Bag

This super sweet family mailed Sonlight their contribution. It cost over eight dollars to ship and ended up on my desk today.

I love you and your enthusiasm, but I guess I didn't communicate very clearly.


So now, for everyone else: PLEASE DON'T SEND THE BAG!

Instead of paying needless postage, use that $8 to help support an Indian woman's education. Click here to make a matched donation to Mission India. Be sure to mention this is for the "Sonlight Rice Bag Project" to make sure your donation is matched!

Thank you <smile>.

Update on Brittany

When I got home last night, my wife met me at the door. "The doctor wants me to get there early so I can get an EKG before she sees me."

Brittany also wanted me to be in the room while she got the EKG. "It's a learning opportunity," she said. The EKG came out normal, which was a little disappointing because that meant it didn't tell us anything.

The doctor was checking Brittany's pulse when her heart skipped a beat, so she no longer had to wonder if we were making it up <smile>. But, as I feared, she said she didn't know what was going on. "The heart just sometimes does that kind of thing," she told us.

But all is not lost. They'll be hooking Brittany up with a heart monitor for a while to see if they can figure out anything else. So, that will happen in a few days.

"Could I get a copy of that EKG?" I asked. The doctor gave me an odd look. "I'm a blogger," I added hastily, "and I like writing about what's been going on."

She smiled and handed me the paper.

Homeschool bloggers: We ask for odd stuff.

Brittany's EKG Readout

All in the name of learning opportunities <smile>.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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