Knowing My Kids

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Aren't you glad we don't stop learning when we stop growing physically? When our oldest child recently graduated from our homeschool, I found comfort in the knowledge that she will continue to learn even as she goes out into adulthood.

Over our years of homeschooling I have learned right alongside my kids. I remember how fascinated I was the first time we went through Core B. Somehow I had made it all the way through school without ever having World History. What a gap in my education! Needless to say, that was soon remedied as I did a good bit of collateral reading on the subject that year, just for fun.

The most important thing I learned from homeschooling, though, didn't come from any book or curriculum. It came from time spent on the couch. In the kitchen. In the backyard. In the car. With the little people God entrusted to my care. I learned to know my kids.

Without taking college course or receiving special training I became the "expert" on the students in our family homeschool. When we encountered learning challenges I first prayed about it, discussed options with my husband, and then asked around and did lots of reading and research as to how to best help each of my children reach her potential. Each year that I did this I became more confident in my ability to choose what was best for my own children.

Often I speak with parents who find themselves second-guessing decisions they have made regarding their children's education. Perhaps an "expert" in the field has caused them to doubt that they are doing what is best for their child. My advice? Remember who the true expert is! No one knows your children better than you do. That qualifies  you to make choices based on what you think would be best for your child's situation.

Enjoying the adventure,
~Karla Cook
Lifelong Learner

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