Keeping Track of Your Homeschool Tasks

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...alt title: "If Aesop Tweeted"

As the warm water poured over me this morning in the shower, I thought of a great blog topic.

Now I have forgotten it.

Like the fox giving up on obtaining some grapes, I'd like to think my idea wasn't very good anyway. But, like the fable, that likely isn't the case.

"Write me a sticky," my mother tells me. I do the same for myself if I need to remember something. The bright yellow square slapped on my wallet or phone is an excellent reminder to bring my camera or return things to the library.

Unfortunately, stickies don't survive well in the shower.

As a busy homeschool parent I'm sure there are many things you would forget if not for the tools you've found. Here are four things that help me keep track of stuff:

  1. Stickies
  2. Computer scratch pad
  3. Whiteboard
  4. Desktop "notes.txt" file

I've even entertained the idea of texting a Tweet to myself when I'm away from a computer and don't have access to paper and pen. I haven't been that desperate yet.

Might be fun though.

So how about? Do you write notes to yourself in your IG? On your fridge? On your kid's forehead? How do you keep track of your homeschool tasks, schedule, shopping list and such?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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