Jobs, Vocations, and Work

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I picked up a phrase from my mom that I enjoy oft repeating. Whenever lunch is over, or I need to get back to working on something, I say, "Well, it's back to the salt mines."

Hilarious. least, I think it is <smile>.

And I was reminded of slaving away in salt mines today while listening to Amy Bayliss talk on the first ever Heartbeat Live. If you missed it, there will be another next week so check it out. But you did miss a good talk and the first ever show that was sponsored by Sonlight and hosted by yours truly.

You can stop crying now if you missed me. The loss is great, but not that great.

Where was I before I got off on the topic of me? Oh yes...

Amy made the point that while money is important, it's much better to pursue a job in something you love. Money should not be the driving force. You will be much happier, more relaxed, and feel more alive if you are doing what you should be doing, not just slaving away in the salt mines to make ends meet.

The quote that I have long loved that goes along with this is: "Find a job you love and never work a day in your life."

Granted, there are days when doing anything will feel like the salt mines, but you should love what you are doing. And that, I'm told, is the difference between a "job" and a "vocation." A job is something you do to pay the bills. A vocation is something you do because you love it, and it happens to pay the bills too.

You should love your homeschooling experience as well. Now, I'm not a proponent of switching homeschooling methods all the time, but if you're not loving your homeschooling experience overall, you may want to reconsider the tools you're using and the way you are using them.

This is why even though Sonlight strives to offer the absolute best of the best materials, there are still sometimes options. Take math as an example: Some kids thrive on the repetitive nature of problem worksheets, others can only focus if they have something to touch, while other kids are fine as long as there is some color and application.

Would you like some help in thinking these options through?

I haven't plugged these in a while, and I'm thrilled to remind you about the Forums and the SCAs. Both of these are fantastic resources from homeschooling moms who have found a vocation--or hobby--in helping others.

And I love that.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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