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I was a science major in college. As a young college student I chose to earn a science degree and to get a teaching degree with it. My major interest was natural and earth science and I loved to get my hands dirty with dissections,  soil studies and so much more.

So, years later when I began homeschooling my own children I thought of all the great subjects we would study and the wonderful experiments we would perform. The problem was most of the science I looked at-and some I tried-was boring or difficult to teach. Sometimes there would be an interesting experiment and I would say, “Well, if we had a cork [or a copper screw, or whatever] it would work like this.”  But we didn’t. And that is no way to teach science. It needs to be experienced.

One year I got a hands-on program that looked great but it took a LOT of prep time from the parent. But, because I love science,  I gathered the myriad of supplies and decided to use it with my three oldest children. I should mention that I knew the guy at the local electronics store on a first name basis  after this because I had to make so many trips there for switches, wire,  battery holders, various light bulbs and more.

Once we got started all my prep work did not really pay off. Most the experiments did not work and when some did we didn’t know why [unless I researched it somewhere else]. Frustrating!  So we were back to boring, text book science.

A few years later I found Sonlight and ordered the whole program sight unseen. I was awed by the history books and the Instructor’s Guides but the thing that blew me away was the science.

Non-Consumable Science Supply Kit

I could not believe it! There were good directions and experiments that not only worked but that had explanations telling why. And, best of all— the science kits contained nearly every item I needed to do them. No more looking for corks, wire, bean seeds and mirrors. It was all there so I could enjoy hands-on science with my children.

It was like a miracle!

Here was real, honest-to-goodness, hands-on, fun, educational science. And, many of the science books  have become family favorites that my children read again and again.

Ultra Microscope

I started Sonlight Science by combining my two youngest children in Science D when they were in 3rd and 6th grades. I kept them together in science until my oldest started Sonlight’s Biology course in 9th grade. A word here about the high school level science programs that Sonlight offers…they are complete and excellent programs, and the Sonlight Ultra Microscope is better than we had in the science lab at Michigan State University when I went to college!

If you want to give your children a great science education and have them learn how to implement the scientific method while seeing God as The Creator, then try Sonlight Science. It is what you are looking for.

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