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My other sister had her baby today! Read more on my dad's blog.


There is quite a bit of discussion going on right now here at Sonlight as to how to best address a recent issue. I'm pretty sure I'm not yet at liberty to say what is going on, but this did bring up an important note:

The managers of Sonlight Curriculum--including John and Sarita--are very concerned with not only the quality of the products we sell but also how useful the materials are for homeschooling families. I am very impressed with what little discussion I have been privy to, and feel that I need to give "props"/"kudos"/recognition to the efforts of "the powers that be."

This reminds me of a situation I was involved with earlier this year. I did some video work for a guy and he was very displeased with the result. I apologized, explained why I did what I had, and then did what I could to make it right. He told me later that he was impressed because I obviously cared about my work.

And that is very much the attitude of the leadership here at Sonlight. When something isn't "perfect," every effort is made to make it right.

And that makes a big difference.

I tend to think of companies as these machine-driven entities incapable of error. I forget that they have people, much like me, working on the products and services I use. And so there are errors.

But what sets aside one company from another is the amount to which they care about their product and their customers.

So, I'm going to propose an addition to an old adage: To err is human; to forgive, divine... and to make it right recognizes the forgiveness we have been granted.

When I do not try to set things right after I make a mistake, it is typically out of a desire for self-preservation; a fear that to do so will harm me. But when I remember that it is not I who provides for me, I am far more willing to sacrifice to make things right.

I do not provide. I can not provide. And so, when I realize that I have been provided for, I can rest in the grace poured out on me and give it to others. And I am glad to work within a company that recognizes that as well.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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