Homeschooling: Like Buying New Pants

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It's time for a new pair of jeans. The pair I currently have isn't doing so well.

My Jeans

When I go to the store--which is as infrequently as possible because paying that much for an article of clothing is painful--I'll try on different styles and cuts and sizes to find the pair that's going to be best for my lanky body. I don't do the tight pants of the '80s, nor the "at your ankles" look of the late '90s. Instead, I find something my wife says looks good.

Homeschooling is like buying new pants. You have the opportunity to find the curriculum that fits your family. You don't have to squeeze into (or hold up) the educational model of the schools around you. Instead, you can find the program that's tailored to fit your needs.

Since the cost is fairly comparable,* I think it's better to go with the thing that fits.

Ready to find the homeschool curriculum that fits your family?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*I recently heard of someone who paid over $600 in fees for each of his children to attend a local public school. That did not include school supplies. "At that point," my mom mused, "you could just buy a Core." I added, "And with Sonlight, you get to keep the books."

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  1. Love the blog post...and especially the Mom quote at the end...we get to keep the books!!
    Happy new Homeschooling year to all!

  2. Sarah

    My friend told me yesterday that it costs $450 BEFORE extra-curriculars to send her son to public high school. Each additional child gets a break at $300. When I told her that homeschooling costs less, she was dumbfounded.

  3. I thought public school was free!

  4. Thanks, Amy!

    I was shocked when I heard about the family that paid so much for public school. It seemed almost unbelievable. Thanks for corroborating, Sarah! <smile>

    Sadly, Emma, public schools require more than tax dollars to run. The numbers are pretty surprising as to how expensive public school actually is (by the way, I really appreciated Happy Elf Mom's comments about the cost of special education programs... very good insights into things)!