Homeschool Advantage: A Clearer Picture of Your Kids

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Kids go through a lot, especially as they get older. I've witnessed my fair share of breakups and breakdowns in the small group of kids I have the privilege of knowing. It's rarely pretty. It's often messy. Worse, there comes a point where there is no "win" situation. Rather, there is but the path you should walk and the path you could stay on... which both look rather bleak.

In those times, it's me they come to. Not their parents. They wouldn't even think of telling their parents!

And part of that is, I'm pretty sure, a natural consequence of being a parent. I know my mom and dad always told me that I could come talk to them about anything, but there were things I decided not to share with them. It was more comfortable to confide in a more removed, third-party. But even though my parents didn't know everything going on in my life, they had a pretty clear picture of what I was going through.

The parents of the school children I know are far less in touch.

How could they be? Their kids are gone for the majority of the day. There are also other engagements. And it's often the case that the parents work, further distancing both parties.

As homeschoolers, we spend a ton of time together. Even without snooping, we can get a sense of what's going on. And the close proximity and general availability give us many opportunities to check in and see what's up. Also, because we're there, learning together, discussion and questions are already part of the relationship.

Do you have any tips for staying connected with your kids, whether while homeschooling or after they've "left the nest"?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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