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Very interesting article in the Other Posts of Note today: Goodbye plans, hello goals! on Heart of the Matter Online.

As a kid I had time to write stories, fiddle with programing, shoot movies and start a band all on top of youth group, Awana, trumpet lessons, swimming and school. Homeschooling opened the world to me because it freed up much of my schedule. But even in college I was still tinkering with my hobbies.

Then I got a job. That ate into some of my time.

Then I got married. That ate into more of my time.

Now the girls are really taking a bite out of my schedule.

So it's rare to find me playing around with my hobbies anymore. I still find an hour here and there, but mostly it's serious business and adult responsibility.

Is that the same for you? And given an hour or two, what hobbies do you (still) have?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Meg_L

    You know when my kids were little hobbies were almost non-existent. About all I could did was some reading either around whatever they were up to or by cutting into my own sleep (not a great idea).

    As they aged I found myself having more time for hobbies. These days I have my crafting stuff (knitting and leatherwork) and sing in a chorus (which meets weekly during the year and nearly daily when we are performing a show).

    For Hubby, he has been able to pick back up his martial arts training.

    So give it time. You'll miss these high demand periods when they no longer want you 24/7.

  2. se7en

    I see it like this: Hobbies, like friends change... different era's in my life had different friends and different hobbies. When I was in primary school I loved collecting and cataloguing all things natural - that phase has passed!!! I no longer need jars of living (or not) things to find my mojo, so to speak. Now I blog, I might not always - when I don't have kids underfoot to inspire me to write I might do something else... but for now I blog. Some hobbies, like best friends are for life - reading will always be my number one hobby.

  3. Jenn4him

    I read that post and loved it! Our hobbies differ with the seasons. During the warmer months, we do things together as a family. We go camping, grow things, visit near-by farms, and the like. During the winter months, our hobbies tend to take a more personal focus. I like to read. My oldest is designing a website. My daughter makes crafts. My youngest builds with Legos. My husband is a CPA, so he has no time for hobbies during the winter. Poor fellow.

  4. Heather the Mama Duk

    I sew, quilt, and cross stitch. I make a lot of Christmas gifts so I kind of have a built-in "I must do this" and, bonus, that means I get to do things I enjoy while doing it. I also do digital scrapbooking. I can do that while holding one of my little boys. Even while nursing the littlest. I also read a lot. One of my biggest hobbies, though, is making stuff for the kids' school. I love doing it. I definitely don't do most of my hobbies as much as I did before kids, but I can do them more and more as the kids get bigger and entertain themselves and each other a little more.

  5. Farm Fresh Jessica

    Yep. It's the same for me.

    I have to decide how tired I am, hobbies intrinsically are more brain active than say, watching TV or reading.

    Learning new things keeps a person young. I hope I'll always be picking up new hobbies.

    Right now they are in no particular order--knitting, scrapbooking/card making, reading, blogging, photos, and schooling.

  6. Luke

    So the consensus is: We get more time as the kids get older?

    I'll buy that. Makes sense. And I'm sure it's true. But right now, it can be wearying to not have time to just "do my thing"... But I'm glad there's hope! <smile>

    Thanks for stopping by to share with me your wisdom and insights... and a little glimpse into your life as well <smile>.


  7. April E.

    Um, blogging has become a hobby. Reading is still my favorite hobby. About every other year, I get on a big scrapbooking kick and mega-scrapbook to catch up the "baby's album" before the next baby arrives. I don't scrapbook regularly anymore, though.

    April E.

  8. Luke

    Good hobbies, April. My wife has been interested in scrapbooking, but she doesn't stick to it long enough to get very far. <smile>