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Very interesting article in the Other Posts of Note today: Goodbye plans, hello goals! on Heart of the Matter Online.

As a kid I had time to write stories, fiddle with programing, shoot movies and start a band all on top of youth group, Awana, trumpet lessons, swimming and school. Homeschooling opened the world to me because it freed up much of my schedule. But even in college I was still tinkering with my hobbies.

Then I got a job. That ate into some of my time.

Then I got married. That ate into more of my time.

Now the girls are really taking a bite out of my schedule.

So it's rare to find me playing around with my hobbies anymore. I still find an hour here and there, but mostly it's serious business and adult responsibility.

Is that the same for you? And given an hour or two, what hobbies do you (still) have?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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