Freedom to Dream of an Intentional Family Culture

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What do you want your family culture to look like? If you took out a giant sheet of paper to brainstorm how you want your family to engage with each other and the world, what would you write? What would you say about your family’s values, how you want to interact, how you want to spend your time, and how you want to be part of society?

I’m getting excited just thinking about this. We have immense freedom to create and sustain an intentional family culture in our own homes. Within some given constraints, we can choose how we spend our days, our weeks, our years.

Many Christian parents hope that their families place a high value on:

  • Quality family time together
  • Time in Scripture together
  • Open dialogue between children and parents (an atmosphere where kids can freely ask questions and trust their parents to respect and guide them)
  • Slowing down in order to savor life and notice how God is working
  • God’s heart to share love and truth with the world

Are those items on your list, too? You can help them become more of a reality for your daily family life.

For one, Sonlight’s curriculum supports you in each of these values, which in turn helps you build the family life you want. I personally value everything on that list immensely and I intentionally create your curriculum to support you in these areas. For example, the basic method of the Sonlight way of learning provides quality time between parents and children and encourages meaningful conversation about topics that matter. That’s not just coincidence. You can read all of Sonlight’s top ten goals here and see if they match your own.

And beyond that, you can be as intentional as you want about your family life. You already know that it will be hard work and the positive culture you want for your family won’t just happen on its own. But why not write it all down and ask God to guide and help you?

If you feel inspired to take a step toward thoughtfully building your family culture, consider one mom’s helpful outline of how to write a family mission statement. What would your mission statement say?

God bless you as you help guide your family. We are with you in this!

Blessings to you and yours,


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