Foam and Furtherance

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Sometimes to move forward you must go back.

Almost sounds like a fortune cookie.

Every once in a while we have to re-watch a clip we just shot to try to sort out what we want to change. Much of what we do is ad-lib based off what we've agreed is the best way to teach something. We discuss, and then Justin stands up and says it. And then we have to cut and try again, tweaking his words here and there. Unfortunately, sometimes we'll forget what it is we wanted to change and so we rewind the tape and watch it again.

Amber Taking Notes on a Scene We Just Shot

On the technical side of things, I have to remember to record some "post roll" before rewinding. I do this by placing my hand over the lens and recording about 10 seconds. If I don't do that, we can have a break in "time code"--the numbers that keep track of how far into the tape we've recorded and are used by the computer when capturing--or we accidentally record over something we've already shot.

Guess how many times I did that before I learned my lesson?


In other news, we did a fun little thing on camera that ended up with overflowing foam. It turned out beautifully. You can tell because we were all laughing once I stopped the camera.


So even if you feel like you're taking a few steps back today, may you press on to even greater heights! ...especially if there's a controlled mess along the way. <smile>

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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