Fibonacci and Faith

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I watched a video that suggested the Fibonacci sequence is "proof of a Creator." A video I find even more compelling is Nature by Numbers. The connections and patterns are amazing!

But what I don't find compelling is the idea that patterns and sequences are some kind of "fingerprint of God."1 Creation is amazing, to be sure. Even the most common of natural occurrences can inspire awe (a waterfall, sunrise, wind flowing over a grassy field). But patterns that emerge from an algorithm are hardly creative works.

Fibonacci's Fingerprint

Take, for example, the fact that even "random" computer programs produce patterns: Pseudo-Random vs. True Random

Two things irk me on a regular basis: Bad theology and bad science. Too often, those go hand in hand for people on all sides of the discussion.

Granted, I'm no theologian or scientist. So I still have much to learn. Thankfully, my background with Sonlight has prepared me well. I'm not afraid to consider various sides of a discussion. I happily read the insights of those who disagree with a position I favor. By doing so, I can better interact with the ideas, refine my position, and communicate clearly with those with whom I disagree.

Sound good? Read more about Sonlight's educational philosophy.

If you are inspired by the patterns in the world, fantastic! May we all continue to grow so we worship God in spirit and truth. There is always more to learn. Good thing we all like the idea of lifelong learning <smile>.

What things in nature do you find compelling?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

1. If you're looking for "cosmic fingerprints" I'd recommend learning more about DNA and perhaps picking up a copy of The Language of God. That's what I've been reading lately...

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