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We'd moved on.

In fact, we were in another room of the museum and, as usual, my dad still lingered over a plaque somewhere in the middle of the previous display. He was reading. He reads everything in museums. See, my dad, as I've noted before, absorbs knowledge like a sponge. Which is fantastic, unless you're ready to go home after a few hours at the museum and he's lagged behind. He finds everything absolutely fascinating.

Which can be annoying.

That said, what follows is something that fascinates me. I understand if it doesn't impress you: Business models. How do companies stay afloat? It often boggles my mind.

Sonlight's business model is rooted firmly in our commitment to provide you with a uniquely pleasurable approach to homeschooling.We do this by

Sweet, right?


But that's the foundation of Sonlight's business model. The way we can do everything I just mentioned is by making money. And we make money by selling books. Books which, in many cases, you could buy elsewhere. Now, we offer great reasons to buy our packages--including the fact that you could save money with Sonlight--but that doesn't mean everyone buys their books from us. Online book sellers keep their costs down by doing nothing more than sending you books. Sonlight does that and all the "leg work" as well.

So how do we make enough money to keep doing this year after year?

I don't know. But it fascinates me. And, in the end, even if I can work out all the calculations and careful considerations, ultimately the answer is: Sonlight continues to be able to serve you because of God's grace and your continued patronage.

Thank you.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Jana C.

    I must admit that last year I did piece together a package. It took forever, I had to wait for several different packages. It was a little cheaper, but not by as much as I thought it would be.

    ( I couldn't stand to use library books, we have had P 3/4 for 2 years, and P 4/5 for a year, we still read them daily. I can't even consider giving them away, back, or selling them. )

    I missed the excitement of Box Day !! The amazingly fast service from Sonlight. The tracking, clicking the button a 100 times in 4 days. ;-)

    I missed the excitement of the kids waiting on the FedEx truck. We all missed the excitement of sitting on the floor pouring through the whole core !

    Most of all in my sons point of view, we didn't get a castle or any big box to play with !!

    I have learned my lesson, I will be doing my ordering straight from Sonlight from now on.

  2. Luke

    <smile> Love it, Jana! Thanks for writing this up.