Communicating Christmas

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"Merry Christmas!"

I hug each person as they leave my house. I won't see them again for a couple weeks because of the holiday, so this is my last chance to share my affection and joy over Christmas.

The hugs and the statement are welcome because these are my friends, people I see every week. There is a common experience and understanding we draw from to influence our interaction.

In contrast, it is mind-boggling difficult to create a Christmas greeting from Sonlight. We're working on an email. A simple "Merry Christmas" email. And yet, it's not simple. While a hug and farewell is normal for our little group, you may not welcome the same from me. So what do you expect and welcome from Sonlight? What does Sally Sonlighter appreciate? What will bother Suzie Sonlighter? What can we say and do that will most effectively communicate our affection to both you and them? What words do we use? What kind of images can we include?

Blogging gives us the opportunity to have a two-way conversation. We can get to know one an other, and--I hope--you feel like you're getting to know me. But time and time again I find that messages we send to a wider audience are much harder to craft. And, because it's Christmas, I'd love to send the message to the largest audience we can get. But how do we communicate Christmas best?

I'd never realized just how hard it can be for a company to wish everyone well.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Perhaps crafting the message for this email is not nearly as I hard as I think. I may be thinking it's difficult to get this right because I keep making mistakes in the code while testing. I think I've tested the email six times now... what is wrong with me today?

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