Christmas: A Story of Turmoil, Pain, and Transition

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Life isn't all tinsel and puppies (unless you're thinking about when it's a tangled mess and peeing on the carpet).

Neither is Christmas.

Christmas Tree

As we move deeper into this holiday season, I'm reminded of the very real struggles out there. I know finances can be tight. I know interpersonal issues are real. I've experienced family members who reject "the Reason for the season," and I am all too familiar with the loneliness of these short days and cold nights. I, often, feel weary and burnt out. I know drama, hurt, dissatisfaction, guilt, stress, turmoil, pain, and transition.

I forget that this is precisely the story of Christ's birth. Consider:

So what's with all this talk of Peace and Good News and Favor?


He came to a world of very real turmoil, pain, and transition precisely so He could offer peace and healing and certainty. The story of His birth--indeed, His entire ministry--demonstrates that He can relate to us. He knows us and has experienced our struggles. And He is the answer. Not that following Him is going to be roses and bon-bons (Matt. 10:34ff). Life doesn't become easy when we follow Christ. Rather, we can walk in faith, hope, and love, finding strength in the joy the Lord provides.

I have recently been encouraged by re-reading some of your comments about how Sonlight has been a blessing through difficult seasons in your life. As amazing a privilege it is to work for Sonlight, the more I thought about turmoil, pain, and transition, the more I felt the need to point back to the One whose birth and death radically transformed the world through turmoil, pain, and transition... all while pointing to hope and joy and peace.

If Sonlight has been of any help to your family in the chaos of life, I sure wouldn't mind hearing about it <smile>. But far more than that, may you--no matter your circumstances--find peace in Christ this Christmas.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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