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How Not to Stress out this Christmas

I'd love to help alleviate some of your Christmas stress. Let me share a story so you know where I am coming from. I started homeschooling my seventh grade son at Thanksgiving after pulling him out of an unsafe public … Continue reading

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St. Nicholas, Christmas, and Reasons to Teach Church History

What does church history have to do with Christmas? Well, for one, it tells us that Santa Claus did not originate as a way for Macy’s to sell more jewelry in December. Though the historical record is sketchy, we think … Continue reading

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Comfort for Christmas from a Classic Hymn

I am a lover of all sorts of music (old and new, different styles), but I especially enjoy listening to tried and true musical arrangements, and researching the stories behind them. One of my favorite Christmas songs is I Heard … Continue reading

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When You Are Your Own Biggest Critic As a Homeschooler

“I’m failing my child.”  This thought barraged my mind the first year of homeschooling my daughter. As I fought to establish a school routine and complete assignments, I was met by the fierce will of a 5-year-old kindergartener who had … Continue reading

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Just Call the Sonlight Advisors

One of the fantastic benefits of homeschooling with Sonlight is having year-long access to a team of Sonlight Advisors. These experienced homeschool moms have walked the road before you and can offer support, encouragement, and wisdom.  Communicating with Sonlight Advisors … Continue reading

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5 Resolutions of an Older Mom, Homeschooling Her Youngest Child

My youngest child was born right after I turned 41. I was ecstatic but a little scared—“I’m going to get old when he’s growing up,” I fretted. But with three other kids (12, 10, 5 then) to homeschool, I was … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Have the Patience to Homeschool

This retort was my mental refrain anytime I encountered someone who homeschooled their children: I don't have the patience to homeschool. I loved the idea of homeschooling, but just knew that I lacked the tolerance to spend all day, every … Continue reading

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