12 Books Perfect for Science Strewing

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12 Books Perfect for Science Strewing

Just leave these books out where kids can find them, and let the science magic happen!

That's what strewing is. It's a slightly sneaky and very laid-back learning strategy that capitalizes on a child's natural curiosity. You simply strew about interesting things—in this case books—for them to pick up and read. You don't make a big deal about it. You don't even necessarily point them out. You just set the books in the path of your child and let the young reader take the initiative.

Of course, the key here is to use the very best, most interesting science books. Otherwise, a child will quickly lose interest. We've got you covered with a dozen family favorites that kids just can't put down. Most of these titles are drawn from complete Science curriculum packages which are indicated below.

These titles appeal to a broad range of ages whether budding scientist full of questions about how things work or a full blown science geek who is ready for scientific principles.

1. Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book

by Alastair Smith and Judy Tatchell

With movable flaps to reveal science processes and facts, this book begs to be picked up! Three sections tell simply, yet accurately, about digestion, the senses, and the growth of a baby.

2. Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature

by Stan & Jan Berenstain

from Science Pre-K Package

This oversize science book is an anthology of three titles:

  • The Berenstain Bears' Almanac—seasons, weather, and astronomy
  • Nature Guide—plants, animals, and earth science
  • Science Fair—machines, matter, and energy

Your kids will be attracted by the full-color cartoon illustrations and will go on to be enchanted with the humorous yet factual tone.

3. How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World

by Faith McNulty

from Science Pre-K Package

Find soft ground and start digging. 8,000 miles later, you'll have many amazing discoveries to share! This book is an incredibly fun way to explore what's in the ground beneath our feet.

4. World of Animals

by Susanna Davidson and Mike Unwin

from Science B

From the Himalayan Mountains to the Namib desert, you and your children take a grand tour of the animal kingdom. You'll learn about the habitats and habits of creatures from all over the world.

Stunning photography and engaging text. Oversized.

5. See How It’s Made

by DK Publishing

from Science B

This exciting visual tour follows the manufacture of a variety of everyday items from start to finish.

Did you know glass never wears out and can be recycled forever? Did you ever wonder how toothpaste gets inside the tube? Find out as you "enter the factory" for an up close look.

6. Weather

by DK Publishing

from Science C

Loaded with facts, dramatic photos, and helpful graphics on all things weather, this book begs to be read!

Learn about the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes, how we harness the weather as a power source, and more.

7. Mysteries and Marvels of Nature

by Liz Dalby

from Science D

See how animals eat, move, attack, defend, communicate and, generally, live their lives in this gorgeous book illustrated with stunning full-color photography.

It includes fascinating glimpses of the amazing, unexplained, and mysterious in the animal, plant, fish, reptile, and insect realms.

8. First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans

by Denne

from Science D

Huge, salty seas and oceans make over two-thirds of Earth's surface a deep mystery.

Discover this other world, from the coastal shores and tidal pools to the bottom of the Pacific's Mariana Trench—nearly eight miles below the waves. Get to know many unique ocean creatures including whales, sharks, plankton and penguins. How do they use migration, defense and cooperation (symbiosis) to survive? And how do humans interact with the oceans, and impact our planet?

9. Water

by Trevor Day

from Science D

Ever wondered why the sea is blue, how water drives our weather, or how water changes the earth's landscape? This eye-opening guide leads you to look at water in a whole new way.

Outstanding photography, helpful graphs, and spectacular fold-out pages explain topics from the water cycle to the water industry.

10. Book of Astronomy and Space

by Lisa Miles and Alastair Smith

from Science E

This science book is an exciting look into the wonders of the galaxy. Each page is filled with facts about heavenly bodies, spectacular full-color illustrations, and thematically appropriate website URLs that offer more about the objects and mysteries of the cosmos.

Improve Your Survival Skills

by Lucy Smith

from Science F

You can't get more practical than this guide! It helps readers overcome circumstances in difficult situations: from Arctic cold to Saharan heat, animal bites to human attack.

12. The History of Medicine

by John Hudson Tiner

from Science F

This book tells the fascinating story of medicine from the ancient physicians of Pharaoh to modern genetic engineering. The author paints his tapestry in the most winsome manner possible: by telling the personal stories of several dozen medical pioneers.

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