Behind the Scenes: Upcoming Videos

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Prepping for the Shoot

April 1 is a big day around Sonlight (well, April 2 this year because April 1 is a Sunday). That's the day we officially launch the new Catalog year. And we have much to do between now and then.

You're probably not thinking about April 1 yet, but we sure are!

Tomorrow we start shooting clips for the upcoming What's New videos. I'd appreciate your prayers that production goes smoothly and all the technology works properly.

Last year we shot in small rooms, which were not only cramped but also didn't let me get the kinds of shots I wanted. So this year I set up some bookcases in the back of the warehouse to give myself more control over the look of the shots. Here's hoping my effort pays off!

Please also pray for us as we continue to work toward our many fast-approaching deadlines. We need wisdom as we make important decisions and improvements to the homeschool curriculum you'll have the opportunity to use come April 2, 2012.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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