A new study says frequent reading boosts academic performance

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Researchers seem excited about reading right now. One new study says that literature enhances emotional intelligence. Several older ones show how reading is crucial for vocabulary development.

One of the latest I've seen claims that reading boosts academic performance.

This new research suggests that frequent reading correlates with higher scores in vocabulary and spelling. That doesn't surprise me at all. But the study also shows that reading correlates with higher math scores. I love that!

Sonlight mom Jennifer C reads with her daughter Abigail

This study suggests that books are even more important for children's academic success than their parents' financial status or level of education. So whether or not you have impressive wealth or academic degrees, the simple act of reading to your children gives them a big leg up.

One researcher suggests that the reason reading boosts scores in seemingly unrelated subjects like math is because the regular act of reading helps children practice taking in and processing new information. I think that makes a lot of sense.

This study specifically looks at reading for pleasure. So does it count when kids read books they "have to read" for Sonlight? I think it does. For starters, many students come to thoroughly enjoy their Sonlight reading. They say it doesn't even feel like school.

But really, whether your children love it or sometimes complain, Sonlight students read FAR more than the vast majority of their traditionally-schooled peers or other homeschoolers.

And I'd say all that reading is worth it. You get to start with those precious times of snuggling with your preschooler on the couch. By the end, you're enjoying deep conversations with your teen about engrossing books that provide new perspectives on the world.

Sonlight provides you the perfect way to encourage your children to read quality books frequently – from age 3 to 18. Because if reading is so important, you might as well help your children love it. You serve them well when you provide worthwhile books that captivate and teach at the same time.

Enjoy your Sonlight journey!

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