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I'm adding a new feature to my blog: A Word of the Day!

As I come across words with which I am unfamiliar I will post them here. So, this will certainly not be every day--as I have some semblance of a vocabulary--but I've run across enough blogs with words that are either new to me or had slipped from my usage. This is my attempt to continue my life-long education.

Miasma: an unwholesome atmosphere; unhealthy vapors

Brought to you by Angela

Yes, I shamelessly used Sonlight's logo, but I needed an image of a book and it works very well. At least, I think so <smile>.

Now, I know that I just wrote about how we must be wary of statistics and reports. On the other hand, we shouldn't ignore them either. And it is at least interesting--if nothing else--that studies show that daycare may not be good for kids. In fact, the more time young children spend away from their mothers, the more likely they are to exhibit agression and disobedience... potentially.


If this turns out to be a verifiable fact, it wouldn't surprise me. I can think of many reasons why being put into a system is less than beneficial for a child's development. In fact, my dad loves telling about the time a librarian commented on how homeschoolers were vastly different from public schooled children. Instead of shuffling up to the desk and stating, "I need some help," homeschooled children would frequently wait until she was done with her task, look her in the eye and say, "Would you help me, please?"

Granted, I know children--even of homeschoolers--aren't always that perfect. There is plenty of evidence of this out here on the blogosphere. And so if it turns out that further studies prove there isn't a big difference in the miasma surrounding kids at home vs. those in group care options, I'll be okay with that. But my guess is that, at minimum, the amount of positive time parents spend with their children does dramatically influence their behavioral norms.

So whether you homeschool or not, be sure to spend some time with your children today.

And if you're of the praying persuasion, I would appreciate any prayers for our children still stuck in Kyrgyzstan... as we can't currently spend time with them.

If you're more of the thinking type, I welcome your thoughts as well <smile>.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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