Why I Went to High School

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Yesterday I linked to a fantastic article on popularity. In his article, Paul Graham argues--among other things--that high school has no real purpose; the stated goal of "educating" is little more than a farce except in the instance of the few shining examples of truly great teachers.

That certainly rang true for me. Attending a public high school wasn't about learning. In fact, I readily told everyone at the time that if I had really wanted to learn something, I would have stayed home.

No, I had another reason to be at my public high school: Ministry. I was there to change the world.

Granted, as I alluded to yesterday, I was involved in tons of extra curricular activities as well. I believe I "lettered" officially 19 times. I gave myself two non-official letters I deserved but was not awarded. I fully understand the draw that wood shop, band, sports, theater, clubs and school publications offer. But those are secondary. Education tertiary. My primary reason for going to school was to stretch my wings as a minster of the Gospel.

And I had a blast. I really enjoyed high school.

But my younger sister did not. We overlapped by two years, and I can still remember her clinging to me and crying right before I graduated. She was about to be alone in a pointless world without a friendly soul to turn to.

She still talks about her horrible experiences and the waste of those years.

My wife, on the other hand, was homeschooled through high school. We met in college. She's bright, well educated and--in many ways--better adjusted than I.

My point is this: There are excellent and worthy reasons to attend high school. But I would caution against those reasons which are of the academic nature. You absolutely can homeschool your children through high school. You need not worry about the larnin' of yer students.

And if you're just beginning your homeschool journey, remember:

Sonlight offers homeschool programs from pre-school through high school.

We've got your covered.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. mom

    I just learned something new about Sonlight....I always thought it only went through 8th grade. Hmmmmmm....

    Tammy ~@~

  2. TexasHeather

    AS we enter Jr High and approach High School, and as it looks more and more like we'll still be in Brasil when we hit those "dreaded" HS years, and thus more and more likely we'll homeschool for High School, I cannot say how very grateful I am for the programs SL has for the upper levels.

    Thanks, SL!!!!

  3. Luke

    You learn new things every day, Tammy <smile>. Or so they say...

    So glad to hear that, Heather <smile>. And I firmly believe that high school does not need to be a time of dread. My mom said it was one of her favorite times because she got to see many of the things she taught us start to pay off and play out in our lives <smile>.