Who will you meet in heaven?

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After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. –Revelation 7:9

I believe God cares about the whole world. I believe the whole world needs Christ. Do you believe that, too?

As you use Sonlight to teach your children about the world (including the West and the East) you're preparing them to live in our modern, globalized society. But globalization won't end here. Just think: one day we will actually stand before God, surrounded by believers from across time and across the globe.

Does that get you excited? It does me!

Right now, you have a chance to participate in work that brings people from every tongue and tribe to Jesus. You can put feet to what you've been learning with Sonlight. You already read about people from around the world. You probably cheer for missionaries from history who followed God with passion and purpose. Today, you can take that a step further as you enable your children to do something concrete for others.

Children in Jakarta, Indonesia
Children in Jakarta, Indonesia. One stop on the current Phoenix Phaxx adventure.

Perhaps you're involved in mission work already. Maybe you still partner with Mission India to support the incredible Children's Bible Clubs. (Do you remember Chris from the Passport to India project two years ago? That work is still going strong!) But if you're looking for a chance to help your children get involved afresh and anew ...

The Phoenix Phaxx project is an easy way for kids to do something for others. If you want them to have real-world experience in developing compassion, challenging any"me-first" mentality, and learning to live with a Kingdom purpose, why not start here?

Watch the videos. Pray as a family for those who have never heard of Jesus. And then, if your family prayerfully decides to do so, encourage your kids to be creative and raise funds for simple hand-held radios that may be the only way kids, families and entire villages hear the good news of Jesus.

I know it may seem odd to raise money for radios. I mean, who needs another radio? But I'm here to tell you that when a remote village without electricity receives a simple wind-up radio tuned to the Gospel in their heart language, people listen. Farmers come in from the fields to hear their favorite broadcasts. Children crowd around for the entertainment. And real people from overlooked people groups come to know Jesus.

What really captures my heart in this particular project goes back to the verse above. I really do believe that one day we're going to live in the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:1-3) and meet believers from every tongue, tribe and nation. And it could be that as a result of radios we raised funds for, our kids will meet someone who said, "You know, I heard about Jesus from a radio."

Wow. May it be so! May it be that one day our kids meet someone on whom they had a direct impact.

Let's remember that through Phoenix Phaxx, daily life and other mission work ... we can genuinely enjoy the awesome privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus!

Many blessings to you and yours,

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