Who am I anyway?

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Continuing my reading through Calm My Anxious Heart the other day, I came across a chapter on being content with the role that God has given me. It occurred to me that homeschooling moms probably struggle tremendously with the whole idea of who they are. Am I a mom? A wife? A teacher? The Principal? A Curriculum Designer? Taxi driver, nurse, peace-maker, counselor, and so on and so on. I'm sure you get my point. If anyone should be wrestling with a split personality disorder, a homeschool mom is the perfect candidate!

I distinctly recall times in our homeschool journey when I did battle with the Lord over the many hats He required me to wear ... and how "unfair" it all seemed some days. And which role was supposed to be the priority? And, by the way, I didn't like some of the roles I was being asked to fill, and I didn't ask for them either!

So this chapter on being content with my God-given roles was good for my heart, and a gentle reminder of who I am. Here are a couple of thoughts the author shared that really hit home ...

All the roles I play will, at some point in time, be difficult. BUT ... each of those roles comes with tremendous opportunity. Jesus came to the world to play the role of servant (Matthew 20:28), not to be served. What better example is there for fulfilling the roles I am called to fill? I can choose to minister or manipulate. What wonderful blessings come my way when I choose to minister.

And what does God really ask of me in those roles, anyway? Is He expecting perfection in all that I do? Or is that my expectation? I Corinthians 4:2 tells me that God requires faithfulness, not perfection. God has entrusted me with the roles of mom and teacher and discipler and so on ... and He simply requires me to be faithful in carrying them out. It is in being faithful that I best glorify Him.

Do not become weary in well-doing ...

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