Thinking Caps

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Normally, we mean "a hat to help us better think" when we talk about thinking caps.

But all too often, I find that something in my assumptions or preconceptions limits my ability to really consider an idea. And thus, my thinking is capped by how much I'm willing to consider another perspective. So, no matter what hat I'm wearing, I find that a "thinking proof" cap is clamped down around me.

Thinking Cap

I think that's what my dad is referring to in his latest post on the biblical nature of "randomness". It appears that some thinkers have gotten themselves stuck on particular words and missed the actual ideas. In trying to debunk evolution, they have capped their thinking at "God's design" and never got any further. At the same time, as my dad points out, "the Christian evolutionary community" needs to consider some ideas they've never gotten to either.

Granted, our own biases will always blind us and we can't get ourselves to see more clearly by simply wanting it to be so. But, by truly listening to those who disagree with us, we have the opportunity to remove the thinking cap. And that's why I love homeschooling: Despite the labels of "brainwashing," we have the unique opportunity to explore the various sides of a debate. We can tackle tough issues with our families as they arise and our children are ready for them. And while we will never escape our assumptions, we can safely look at challenges to our presuppositions and consider...

So, are you ready for another discussion of something "biblical"? It's a video on "biblical marriage"--though, I would argue, is more an excellent summary of "biblical methods of procuring a wife" than "marriage" per se ...hence why it completely falls apart at the end. It's supposed to be funny. For some, it will be. For you, I'm guessing less so.

And it is not suitable for children.

But it is interesting and, I think, provides an excellent opportunity to shed your thinking cap and consider the ideas. If nothing else, it will challenge your biblical knowledge [smile].

Okay, you've been warned. Ready? Jump in. The water's not too hot yet. If you can't get beyond your own thinking cap--not sure I did--can you spot her assumptions that are limiting her thinking (besides the one I gave you for free)?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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