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My eyes scan the clutter on my desk. My mind has been far too occupied with Sonlight's Virtual Meetup to really sit back and compose something worthy of sharing with the blogosphere. But I need to write about something...

My Messy Desk

Sonlight Tours--where you actually get to walk around the building--start soon. I need to get my desk presentable for that. ...or, perhaps not, now that I've shared the above picture with the world. No, I should do some tidying, even if I am good at finding things when they're in their proper pile.

I am a very organized person.

It's just that if something doesn't have a home or that home is too difficult to easily access--I'm looking at you, Laundry Hamper--then I tend to give it a new home in a carefully selected pile.

Hence the clothes next to my side of the bed.

I'm just sayin'.

We have this odd tendency, us humans, to clean up our messes when we're around others. This happens when company comes to visit, we're trying to get someone to like us--be it an interview, a love-interest, or a presentation--and at Church. In fact, Matt over at The Church of No People is talking about the whole "church thing" during this recently dubbed Fail Month. And this is odd because none of us really has it together. In fact, we'd do a lot better if we could learn from each other. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons we don't share our messes is the sad truth that there's very little to learn from them.

Let's take my pile of socks, for instance. It's there because I know I should safety pin them together before putting them in the laundry (thereby saving myself the frustration of pairing them up in the midst of a pile of clean clothes). I'm too lazy to go to the effort right before bed, so I leave them on the floor, with the wishful thinking that I'll do it tomorrow. This never happens. So the pile of dirty laundry finally goes to the basement when my wife gets fed up with it or I run out of socks. At which point it comes out of the laundry in the midst of a pile of clean clothes. I've accomplished nothing more than making my wife less than happy with me.

The lesson?

I can't think of one other than I need to get my act together. And this, I believe, has something to do with our presentation of the Gospel. There's great news that redemption is out there... but without a mess to redeem we're left rather lame... but that's as far as I gotten.

And so, because my mind is such a mess right now, I'm going to close without a definitive statement or even a well-crafted question/observation. Rather, I'm going to leave this mess here for you to see.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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