The Home Court Advantage

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Soccer was not my forte.

Luke Shoots! He Falls

I never advanced beyond t-ball.

Basketball, football, volleyball, curling? Never go into those either. So, I think it's fair to say that sports aren't really my thing.*

But there is something almost magical that happens when a team is playing for the home crowd. Screaming fans must naturally boost adrenaline, or something. I don't know how it works exactly. But I do often hear people talk about the home court advantage. And there's a great parallel in homeschooling. Mike, an avid runner who works in returns, pointed this out last week. I thought he made a great observation, so I decided to blog about it.

The Sonlight Moments are certainly one way of cheering on the hometeamschoolers around you. In fact, every time you share an encouraging word with a friend or blogger, you're cheering them on.

And every time you leave a review on any one of our product pages or on Facebook or on a homeschool review site, you're cheering Sonlight on as well.

Speaking of which: Brenda has asked for reviews of Sonlight to put on The Curriculum Choice website. So please, contact her if you'd be willing, or drop me a line and I can pass your information along to her.

Your involvement via comments, feedback, encouragement, prayer requests, discussion and more make you not only part of the Sonlight family, a player on the homeschool team, but also a cheering fan for all of us as we enjoy the opportunities we have to teach our children at home.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

*I know, I know: I was a rather good swimmer and I did okay in 4A Cross Country. And those are absolutely sports. But team sports--which is more to the point of this post--have never been my strong suit.

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