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A new study says frequent reading boosts academic performance

Researchers seem excited about reading right now. One new study says that literature enhances emotional intelligence. Several older ones show how reading is crucial for vocabulary development. One of the latest I've seen claims that reading boosts academic performance. This … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Vocabulary Practice

I'm not sure how it began. Suddenly we were spouting every word we could think of that started with the letter b: brains, bed, brix, blunderbuss, backwards, ballerina, bellicose, buffoon, bin, bobbin, birch... Yes, we're nerds. But we were having … Continue reading

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Literature, Language, and Vocabulary

Check out this video. It is well worth your eight minutes. My friends and family laughed incredibly hard when we watched this (several times) over the weekend: The Three Little Pigs - Shakespeare Style Henry Cate Observations: Reading great literature … Continue reading

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