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What is it you do, exactly??

For the past few weeks I have had to undergo a variety of medical tests. Most medical technicians, if they're any good (IMHO), learn to make small talk to fill the time and make their patient feel less stressed. Without … Continue reading

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Reminder: Confidence, a Homeschool Benefit

I was reading Billy Coffey's Internet Validation post and I started tearing up. A new fad, it seems, is that girls are posting videos of themselves asking if they are pretty. The comments, in typical YouTube fashion, are brutal, mean, … Continue reading

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Because I'm AWESOME

I was going to blog about calculus, music videos and learning. But then I read Kate Fridkis' I used to be the prettiest girl in the world. After that, calculus had to wait Homeschooling has incredible benefits of all stripes. … Continue reading

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