Share Your Sonlight Stories and Homeschool Helps

Homeschool parents who use Sonlight curriculum are invited to submit a guest post on the Sonlight blog. We especially want to hear your practical tips for homeschooling and the way homeschooling has made a difference in your family culture.

Potential Blog Post Ideas

While you are certainly not limited to these ideas, here are topics that are well suited to the Sonlight blog:

  • teaching special needs children
  • reading aloud
  • homeschool organization
  • household management for homeschool families
  • any academic subject for the homeschool: poetry, math, art, music, handwriting, composition, etc.
  • homeschool scheduling
  • encouraging insights (with practical applications) for homeschool moms and dads
  • education not indoctrination
  • homeschooling on the mission field
  • roadschooling or traveling as a homeschool family
  • teaching multiple children
  • homeschooling and family bonds
  • using timelines, portfolios, journaling, or other learning aids

How to Submit a Guest Post

Please reach out via email to with your article idea, including both a brief synopsis of the post and a potential title. Also tell us a little about yourself: for example, how long you’ve been homeschooling, what Sonlight programs you use, and the ages of your children. In our reply, we will outline the specifics of how to format and submit your article.

While there is no compensation for guest posts, authors are given a short 50-100 word bio that may include one link. Articles must be original content that is not published anywhere else online or in print. Your post will be edited for brevity, SEO, tone, grammar & mechanics, layout, and readability.

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