Sitting on the Stairs

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It was about 9pm last night and my friend started talking to me at the top of the stairs coming from the basement while I was standing in the kitchen. He's going through a rough place right now and just needed to talk.

We ended up sitting in the stairwell for at least half an hour talking, crying, and laughing. It was almost like we were back in college again, wandering the campus at night, baring our souls to each other. We could do that because it was late at night and there was nothing else really pressing going on. We can only sit shoulder to shoulder when we have time to do so. Most days we're both at work, on errands, or busy with this or that.

Homeschooling gives us that time with our kids.

Not that all we do is sit around and talk, nor should we, but the flexibility and time afforded by homeschooling lets us do so when the need arises. It lets us be available.

Granted, I still have to go to work everyday, but I start early so I can get home early as well. But my wife will be at home with the kids, always there when the opportunity arises to sit and talk, cuddle, or counsel them. And I'm doing what I can to be there as well.

And "being there" is important.

Otherwise I might miss an opportunity to give my friends and family members the hugs and encouragement they need. And maybe, just maybe, growing up in an environment with a priority on taking time for people has made me more available to others.

I certainly didn't learn it in the mad rush between bells in high school.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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