School Supplies

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"Does the Full-Grade Package really include everything I'll need?" she asked a little apprehensively.

"Well... of course, it doesn't include the optional workbooks or electives, or basic school supplies such as pencils and paper," I clarified, "But yes, it includes all the books and teacher's material you would need for one school year."

"What are basic school supplies?" she wanted to know. "I've never homeschooled before. Do you have a list?"

I didn't have a list, but I mentioned some of the basics that are on sale locally right now... things like crayons, notebook paper, colored pencils...

"Maybe I could just pick up a school supply list at the front of the store. Would that work?" she wanted to know.

"Great idea!" I told her.

As I was thinking about this again later, I wondered what those lists looked like these days. I don't remember that I ever picked up one when my kids were younger. The next time I was in WalMart I grabbed 3 or 4 from different schools and grade levels, just because I was curious.

All the basics were there, but they also required some items I had never thought of as school supplies: hand sanitizer, tissues, ear buds, classroom snacks, even white socks for wiping off the marker board! Some teachers required certain brands of some items. And the lists were quite extensive. I didn't take the time to total up the cost but I expect it would not be cheap if you had several children.

I do love the back-to-school sales on school supplies, though. I just can't seem to pass up those 50-cent boxes of crayons! August is definitely the time to stock up. My approach has been to keep a "craft cupboard" stocked with a variety of supplies, for any projects that might come up throughout the year. Usually my children would come up with an idea, and then pull out what they needed for their project. I also get extra spiral notebooks and plenty of pencils for creative journaling.

So, yes, the public school supplies lists are great for reference. You'll find items on there you don't need... and as you browse the aisles you'll probably notice other things that you would love to incorporate into your homeschool. That's why we don't provide a list... so you can feel free to purchase just the supplies you know you'll use.

Enjoying the adventure,
~Karla Cook
Lifelong Learner

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