Save an Extra 2% on Homeschool Curriculum

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Would you like to save an extra 2% when you purchase your homeschool curriculum?

Of course.

But it depends on what the catch is. If you have to sign up for a new credit card, forget it. Dave Ramsey is totally not cool with credit cards. I like mine, but there's no way I'm signing up for another one!

So how can you save an additional 2% off your next Sonlight order? Buy all the subjects you need from Sonlight in an easy-to-order Multi-Subject Package. You not only get the 10% Core discount, but you get 2% on top of that. That's 12% off a program you may have been planning to purchase somewhere else.

Granted, just like credit cards, Multi-Subject Packages aren't for everyone. But if you need Language Arts, Math, Science and Handwriting anyway, it's worth looking into a Sonlight® Multi-Subject Package.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Unlike credit cards, if you discover that the Multi-Subject Package isn't right for you, you are covered by Sonlight's one-year money-back guarantee. You have a year to check out half the program, and if you're not thrilled with the materials (and your savings), send it back for a refund. Dave Ramsey totally has a point when he talks about the dangers of credit cards. Sonlight's Love to Learn Guarantee allows you to only pay for the homeschool curriculum you love and use.

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