Rocks and Sand

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I'm pretty sure you've heard the Rocks and Sand priorities talk.

Rocks and Sand Priorities

Quick refresher: If you put in the sand first, you can't get all the rocks in. But you can get everything into the jar if you start with the big rocks and then shake the sand in to fill the gaps. Point being: Start with the big priorities and you can make time for everything.

And if you're a motivational speaker, that's nice.

But if you live in the real world, the analogy isn't all that great. See, we have more than enough to do. Everything does not fit perfectly into the jars of our lives. And, yes, the principle holds true and we must start with the big things, but the fact remains: Some days have too many rocks and the sand is just annoying.

That's how today has felt. To make matters worse, the grains of sand had to be dealt with, and that took away time from some of the larger rocks I wanted to move.

Thankfully, there's always tomorrow.

I've been using a lot of "mom-isms" recently, so I'll add another, "There's always more to do." In other words: You'll never be "done" with everything. So when you're out of time and need to move on, do so.

And so I shall.

See you all tomorrow!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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