7 Reasons to Buy Your Homeschool Curriculum Early

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Although your new school year may be months away, now is the best time to order next year's homeschool curriculum. Here are seven reasons we think earlier is better when it comes to getting your new homeschool curriculum purchases squared away.

1. You Are Still in the Midst of Homeschooling

Because you are currently doing school, you know exactly what your children are working on and probably have some idea of what you’d like to do next. You know which subjects are really flowing, what your students are struggling with, and which brands you are really enjoying. You won’t have to scramble after a few months off to remember what you need —you’ll know precisely which things you would like to adjust while it’s fresh.

Buying your homeschool curriculum during the second semester is easy because you’re already thinking about school. So, end on a high note, and be ready for next year.

2. Your Children Might Have Stronger Opinions Now

While your children are in the midst of the school year, working hard, they might have clearer thoughts on what they would like to change for next year. After a summer at camp and after days at poolside, they might not remember in as much detail.

3. You Can Enjoy a Decision-free, Stress-free Summer

One of the quirks of the human brain is that it keeps returning to unclosed loops until you close them. Have you noticed this? You’re almost done checking off the boxes in your Sonlight IG, but that one unfinished assignment keeps popping up in your mind until you check it off.

Or when you’ve already purchased next season’s clothes for your children, you don’t have to keep thinking, “How many pairs of shorts do the kids need? What if the weather suddenly turns warm and they don't have shorts that fit?"

When you go ahead and mark those tasks off the to-do list (whether on paper or mental), you can move into your next season with confidence. You’ve got what you need, and you are ready to start the next phase of life. When you buy your curriculum early in the year, you have maximum flexibility for the summer ahead and a school start when you want.

When you buy your homeschool curriculum early in the year, your brain can move from wondering, “What are we going to do for school next year?” to more productive topics.

4. You Get Special Offers

The best way to know about Sonlight's special sales and offers are to:

While following on social media is great, it's not the most effective way to always know what's going on because algorithms control what appears in your feed. But if you are on the email list, you have an open line of communication with Sonlight and will absolutely get the messages.

5. You Have Time to Get Your Questions Answered Early

While you can contact a Sonlight Advisor at any point during the year, it makes sense to get it done sooner rather than later. When you have plenty of time before the next school year, you can work with your Advisor on your education plan and work out a system that works for you before the Advisors get crushed with frantic last-minute calls from other families.

6. You Have Your Materials Before You Need Them

With more and more people turning—and returning—to homeschooling every day, we recommended getting your new homeschool curriculum purchases squared away as early as possible.

Families who order early—in late winter and early spring—have their materials in hand the soonest. The early bird truly does get the worm when it comes to ordering online!

Avoid delays, bypass backorders, and get the upper hand with shipping delays by ordering as early as you can for your upcoming homeschool year.

When you order early, you have your materials already at hand when you need them. You can enjoy your upcoming break with the knowledge you’ve already taken care of business and can start school again when you're ready.

Additionally, you have ample time to do any prep you might like to do—setting up at your own pace, reading ahead, or cutting out timeline figures. If you go to garage sales or thrift stores over the summer, you can be on the lookout for the specific items you might need—like book bins, crates, or other cute storage tools. Or you can watch back-to-school sales for rolling carts or school supplies, with a good sense of what you might need.

7. You Can Do All Your Organizing in One Fell Swoop

With your school materials already in house, when you’re ready to organize, file, and close out your current year, your new materials are ready to take their place. This allows you to have one big in-with-the-new-out-with-the-old event, instead of an end-of-the-year event and a beginning-of-the-next-year event.

In a nutshell, earlier is definitely better when it comes to ordering your new homeschool curriculum. Enjoy clearer thinking, less stress, relaxed preparation . . . and, of course, Sonlight bonuses like a payment plan, Sonlight Cares, and the help of Advisors.

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2024 Sonlight Scholarship Winners Announced

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Yes...you can homeschool through high school! Meet this year's bright, accomplished, servant-hearted Sonlight Scholarship winners. These exceptional Sonlight-educated students are poised to make a difference in the world. As the winners of our annual Sonlight scholarship competition, they have each been awarded $20,000, $10,000, or $4,000 for college.

Many of these students have used Sonlight since they were young. They’re headed into promising careers in engineering, arts, medicine, missionary work, law, and more. Most are headed to their college of choice, and many have superb SAT or ACT scores.

But they are also kind, big-hearted young adults. Through ministry and volunteerism, they live life with Jesus in their hearts and long to share God’s kingdom with the world.

$20,000 Scholarship Winner: Sarah C. of Bombo, Uganda

Awarded $5,000 Per Year

Growing up as a missionary kid in Uganda, Sarah gave her life to the Lord at the age of four with the understanding that everything she does is completely for and directed by God.

A Sonlighter since preschool, if anything can take her back to her childhood, it’s the smell of a story treasured within the dusty pages of a well-loved Sonlight book. Sarah’s years in Sonlight not only sparked in her an eager love of learning and teaching, but it also enabled her to view the world through the eyes of people from various cultures and backgrounds, teaching her to step into the messiness of people’s stories with compassion and empathy.

Inspired by several biographies she read in Sonlight, at five years old, Sarah developed a passionate love for China. Beginning at age nine, she dedicated herself to learning Mandarin Chinese. She dreams of one day creating a space wherever she is where people can feel welcome and ultimately loved by the Father.

Passionate about discipleship, missions, and education, Sarah loves spending time with people, ministering alongside her parents, serving and hosting, reading historical fiction, spontaneously baking and cooking, worshipping the Lord through song, and working on various kinds of artistic projects.

Throughout high school, she has had the privilege of serving by participating in Bible trainings with her family, leading an online student chapel, assisting her older brother in creating Bible films for Bricktime Studios, designing graphics for various Bible and ministry resources, running a worship lyric YouTube channel, and coordinating worship sets for community devotions and ministry trainings.

Her love of teaching and languages drew her to English as a Second Language (ESL) education, a course of study that will equip her with practical skills she can use wherever the Lord leads. A National Merit Finalist, Sarah has been accepted into the honors program at Liberty University, where she will pursue a degree in ESL with minors in linguistics and Chinese.

Whatever the future holds, Sarah goes forward propelled by her love for Christ and her desire to share His story with the world.

Sarah C.

$10,000 Scholarship Winners: Aiden L. of Southeast Asia, Jasmine S. of Mechanicsburg, PA, and John J. of Santee, CA

Awarded $2,500 Per Year

Aiden L. lives in a remote area of Southeast Asia and absolutely loves it there. He feels so blessed to have been able to grow up in multiple different countries across the world. God has used the many different experiences and opportunities to shape Aiden into the person God wants him to be.

Having grown up traveling frequently, Aiden and his family are so thankful for Sonlight and have used Sonlight since kindergarten through high school. Aiden loves the flexibility that Sonlight provides and how that’s meant that he’s been able to dive deep into subjects he loves, particularly history. He has found that all the Sonlight books he has read have greatly deepened his knowledge and challenged his way of thinking.

Because of Sonlight’s flexibility, Aiden has had many opportunities to pursue non-academic interests, such as carpentry and soccer. From an early age, Aiden has always loved carpentry and is almost always working on one project or another. His family’s house is filled with his creations! Aiden is also passionate about soccer, and God has used this in amazing ways. It has been the main way that Aiden has connected with people in South-East Asia and through playing soccer he has become a loved member of the local community. Whether it’s playing on the local team, organizing his own team, or coaching young kids, soccer provides a multitude of ways to build relationships in the local community.

Aiden is going to attend Redeemer University in Hamilton, ON beginning in the fall of 2024 and plans to study psychology and sports coaching. Although Aiden does not yet know what God’s long-term plan is for him, he is determined to seek to serve and glorify God wherever and whatever he is doing. Aiden believes that all Christians should be seeking to serve others and to share the Gospel with those around them and his dream is to do great things for the Kingdom of God. Whatever plans God has for Aiden he will seek to humbly do God’s will and to strive in everything to glorify Him.

Aiden L.

Jasmine S. of Mechanicsburg, PA is the second child in her family to graduate using Sonlight’s homeschool curriculum. Following in her elder sister’s footsteps, Jasmine began her education with Sonlight’s preschool program. Not only has this educational experience increased her love for learning, but she has also grown in her relationship with Jesus and desire for missions. Through the years, Jasmine discovered her love for math and science, eventually leading her to the decision to become an engineer. In addition, the abundance of missionary stories offered through Sonlight inspired her from a young age, instilling a desire to serve the Lord in missions. Specifically, the story of Gladys Alward’s work in China motivated Jasmine to begin studying Mandarin at age 12.

Jasmine has always sought ways to serve others. At home she cheerfully helps with chores, taking care of the dog, and tutoring her younger siblings in math. At her church, Jasmine has volunteered with the nursery and served with her youth group on two mission trips, first in the city of Harrisburg and later in Guatemala. During this second trip, she learned that serving others is one of the most important ways of sharing God’s love. From this experience, Jasmine knew she wanted to somehow use her interest in math and science to serve others.

Last spring when she attended a Messiah University open house for engineering, Jasmine began to see that her hope to find a way to use math and science to serve others is possible. Messiah’s engineering program requires students to join teams working on projects with mission organizations for their capstone project. By attending Messiah University and majoring in electrical engineering, Jasmine is hoping to have the opportunity, not only to become an excellent engineer but also to provide solutions for human needs around the world—projects like installing solar panels for an orphanage in Zambia or designing inexpensive yet effective wheelchairs for a hospital in Nepal. Ultimately, Jasmine hopes that through her college education, she will find opportunities to follow Christ’s call to spread the gospel and to “wash each other’s feet” (John 13:14, NLT).

Jasmine S.

John J. of Santee, CA, has been homeschooled using Sonlight his whole life. Homeschooling has allowed him the flexibility to pursue and develop his many interests, talents, and passions, all for the glory of God.

John is a small group leader at his church and enjoys serving his fellow students and leading them in the study of God’s word. While challenging at times, this role has pushed John to better understand the Bible and show compassion to his peers. He also plays piano on his youth group’s worship team, allowing him to do something he loves while serving the church.

In addition to piano, John plays French Horn in Concert Ensemble and Trumpet in Jazz Band. He enjoys composing music, and has scored several student films, winning Best Film Score in the Christian Youth Film Festival.

John loves to critically analyze everything, be it philosophical ideas, policies, or his younger sister’s grammar when she uses him as her editor. An avid speaker and debater for six years, John has won Lincoln Douglas Value Debate and Parliamentary Debate at multiple tournaments in addition to numerous speech events, receiving the Tournament Champion award at the SoCal Classic. He is thankful for the opportunity that his speech and debate league Stoa has given him to grow in skill and knowledge and has enjoyed teaching younger students what he has learned.

In the fall, John will attend Patrick Henry College where he plans to study American Politics and Policy. After that, he plans to attend law school. He doesn’t know what all the Lord has in store for him, but he hopes to defend truth and justice wherever he is called.

John J.

$4,000 Scholarship Winners: Ava T., Avery A., Chelsea H., Ella H., Hana R., Henry F., Joshua H., Vivienne C.

Awarded $1,000 Per Year

Ava Thompson of Tacoma, Washington, has always been a reader. When she’s found with a book in her hand, which is always, it’s usually from Sonlight. Since Ava was in kindergarten, Sonlight has been the backbone of her study, providing a strong story-centered background in history, government, worldview, and more. As she has expanded her extracurriculars throughout high school, her strong education has enabled her to learn quickly and work determinedly at everything she attempts.

Ava has studied Latin for nine years, sparking a love of language and history that she holds to this day. She has been awarded two perfect papers and three gold medals for her results in the National Latin Exam. In college, Ava will be studying Advanced Latin before her sophomore trip to Rome.

Ava has been a hobby writer for as long as she could hold a pencil, trying to emulate the books she loves like friends, such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, David Copperfield, and Brideshead Revisited. She dabbles in poetry and describes writing as a way to process and expand on your own experiences, even when they’re cloaked in fiction.

During junior year, Ava joined a speech and debate club. Her natural gifts of argumentation (which her family may not have always called gifts) led to her speech on linguistics placing 19th nationally, and this season, she is already pre-qualified for Nationals in debate and has also met success with her speeches. Ava and her brother won first place as they performed a speech based on Don Quixote, another of Ava’s favorite books. Two of her other speeches have placed second and fifth.

Ava is attending the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in the fall to earn a degree in the liberal arts; beyond that, she is undecided between pursuing law or linguistics. Either way, she plans to make a difference in her world for Christ, starting with her baptism this Easter after being raised in a strong Christian household. Her motto, which she tries to represent in all her work, is per ipsum, pro ipsum–through Him, for Him.

Ava T.

Avery A. lives with her family in Jenks, Oklahoma where she and her two younger siblings have been homeschooled their whole lives. Avery is proud to say that she has used Sonlight from Pre-K through senior year, and she has loved every moment of it. Early on, Sonlight’s literature-based cores caused Avery to fall in love with books and turned her into an avid reader. She has discovered many new favorites through Sonlight, and she has also read hundreds of non-school books in her free time. Avery is so thankful for the life skills homeschooling has taught her, such as responsibility, discipline, time management, and excellence. Her faith has also been strengthened by the many faith stories she has read for school. Avery is sad to say goodbye to Sonlight when she graduates, but she is also eager for her future. She plans to attend John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, major in mechanical engineering, and minor in music.

Avery has always loved to learn new things about the world around her, and because of this, she has always had a love for science. Another one of Avery’s deep passions is serving other people, which she does constantly through her church. When she discovered that engineering means using science and math in practical ways to help make the world better and safer for others, she knew that being an engineer would be a great fit! Additionally, engineering is a perfect way for her to fulfill her dream of working for NASA one day.

Some of Avery’s hobbies include—besides reading—spending time with friends and family, going camping, listening to music, and playing the piano. She has played piano for over eleven years and has played with the student worship team at her church throughout high school. She loves using her talents to worship God in this way.

Avery believes that, ultimately, everyone is called to live a life that serves Jesus first and second others. She hopes and prays that her plans for the future will glorify God and help others experience Him.

Avery A.

Chelsea H. of Greer, SC, has been educated at home since Kindergarten and has used Sonlight curriculum since 2nd grade. From the age of two years old, Chelsea has loved various forms of artistic expression including dance, drama, music, photography, and especially drawing.

Chelsea’s study and practice of art have led her to illustrate two children’s books for author Susan Perry and complete 15 commissioned art pieces. Chelsea also worked as an art teacher’s assistant for two summers at the beloved art studio Creating Artists for Tomorrow, where she had previously been an art student for nine years. Chelsea now has the joy of sharing her love of art with two home-educated elementary students as their private art teacher. You can follow Chelsea’s art pursuits on Instagram @_sunshine_scribbles_

In February of 2023, Chelsea was chosen as the first-place high school winner of the Home School Legal Defense Association’s 2022-2023 National Art Contest. Her piece was chosen out of 60 other submissions. Chelsea was awarded $500, and her winning piece is on display at the HSLDA headquarters at Patrick Henry College.

Chelsea is honored to be a member of the National Society of High School Scholars and the National Home School Honor Society (Eta Sigma Alpha, Rho Gamma Chapter).

When Chelsea is not drawing or studying, she enjoys teaching preschoolers at her church, delivering food and smiles for Meals on Wheels, pet sitting, and spending time with friends and family.

Chelsea will attend North Greenville University in the fall, where she was recently awarded the Trustee Academic Merit Scholarship and the SC Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Chelsea will be majoring in Art with a concentration in Drawing. She hopes to continue illustrating books and one day own an art studio where she can teach children, offer art therapy, and share the love of Jesus. Chelsea’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 28:7. “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. Therefore my heart celebrates, and I give thanks to him with my song.”

Chelsea H.

Ella H., of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, has joyfully devoured inspiring and enlightening Sonlight materials from an early age, even as she spent 4 years attending a variety of local Spanish-language schools. Ella has given generously of herself on behalf of abandoned special needs children in myriad ways since her first adoptive sibling arrived when she was just 3, apart from volunteering as a helpful daughter with her missionary parents who founded and direct their children’s home, Judah Quy: Casa de los Preciosos. She has served as an outstanding substitute mom to children with a broad variety of health and neurological challenges, a curriculum and social adaptor for one blind student who mainstreamed into a sighted Bolivian school last year, and a volunteer in the home’s communication program helping the children overcome severe limitations to express themselves with pictograms and haptic signs. She is also a proud big sister to 12 younger siblings, most of whom have been adopted from that home.

Ella speaks English and Spanish and has moderate capabilities in American Sign Language, Bolivian Sign Language, and Braille. In her free time, you will find her reading (and rereading) her beloved Sonlight books! You will also find her spending time with her Labrador Cora (she has helped raise three generations of Labradors where the money from the sales of puppies goes to the home). She also loves to cook and bake as well as paint (she has painted murals of Bolivian wildlife at home with her best friend).

Ella believes that God is possibly leading her to study medicine to help meet the overwhelming need for charitable pediatric subspecialists in her community, and hopes you'll pray for her as she follows His lead.

Ella H.

Hana Ross of Rosamond, CA, is a military child who has used Sonlight since 2nd grade, which has helped grow her love of learning. She loves problem-solving, math, and science. This love of academics was developed by Sonlight’s amazing curriculum and by hands-on science labs at a homeschool co-op. At this co-op, Hana is the leader of the yearbook staff, which involves editing, designing, and taking photos for a 70-page yearbook.

Outside of academics, Hana is also a talented musician who seeks to serve Christ by playing piano and violin for her church. She is also heavily involved in a local orchestra and was selected to play in the High School Honors Chamber group. She plays guitar for her homeschool co-op and has started teaching violin lessons to young students.

Another passion of Hana’s is sports. She is happy to play anything with a ball and a score and is often found playing organized sports or just soccer or frisbee with her friends. She is captain of her official soccer team and organizes weekly matches with several other homeschool families as well. In her free time, she enjoys baking and preparing goodies for families she knows.

As she begins this next stage of life, Hana wants to solve problems and make the world a better place to live in. She seeks to be the kind of person who serves everyone around her and desires to love Christ with her whole heart and to glorify Him in everything she does. Her ultimate goal is to one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant…Enter into the joy of your master.” (Matthew 25:23)

This fall, Hana is headed to Cedarville University in Ohio to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.

Hana R.

Henry F. of Stanwood, WA is the oldest of six, all of whom have been using Sonlight since preschool. He supplemented this with dual enrollment courses in his junior and senior years, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. The Sonlight-assigned books read over the years have helped to shape and strengthen the way he views and interacts with the world around him.

He has an avid love for sports. He was able to compete in sports through the local high school, playing soccer and also running varsity cross country for three years, one as a captain.

Church and ministry have been a big part of Henry’s family life. His great-grandfather and namesake was a pastor. His grandparents taught in Christian schools. He has grown up with a front-row view of ministry life. When he was five years old, his dad, as the lead pastor, assisted in the planting of a church. Henry has had many different opportunities to serve in the church and has helped in Sunday school, coffee bar, leading in youth group, etc. He is always willing to jump in and lend a hand no matter the task. Henry also has a passion for music and has been drumming since the age of ten. This has allowed him to assist in leading worship, both on Sundays and at youth group as well as to help others improve their musical ability.

Sonlight’s College and Career Planning course was instrumental in helping him choose the course he is currently pursuing a career in counseling. Henry has always loved working with and being around people. He believes that the different worldview perspectives he has gained through the many books he read for school have prepared him for a job dealing with people experiencing all kinds of situations. He is considering a few different colleges right now but whichever one he decides on, he is looking to study psychology. He is aware that though this is the path that he is following right now, God’s plan may be different but he is excited to figure out where that path leads.

Henry F.

Scholarship Winner Bio Coming Soon!

Joshua H.

Vivienne C., of Monument, CO, has been homeschooled since she was in the second grade utilizing Sonlight’s curriculum from the beginning until her graduation. Sonlight’s unique combination of literature and history together was the highlight of her education. She has also enjoyed her dual enrollment college courses, in preparation for her future college education. Vivienne is excited to begin studying marketing/business this fall at a Christian college in the honors program.

Vivienne is enthusiastic in all her pursuits. Whether it is reading her favorite author, Jane Austen, or studying a historical event, she immerses herself in whatever she is learning. She has instituted family Regency-era dinner parties where her family dresses up, discusses the issues of that period, and dines together as if they are in the 19th century. She loves to have fun and has even led worship dressed as a Christmas tree (complete with lights!) for her youth Christmas party.

Vivienne, as a homeschool student, played JV and Varsity golf for her local high school. She has played the piano for 8 years and studied guitar for the last 4 years, focusing on worship and jazz guitar. She also loves working with horses at a historical ranch, learning groundwork and riding. She has also served on two church mission trips, reaching out to communities that are often overlooked.

Vivienne leads worship each week for her youth group on guitar and vocals. She has had a missional focus throughout her high school career, devoting her time and her heart to leading worship. She has felt called to facilitate worship for her peers knowing that for some, it may be their only opportunity to worship during the week. She looks forward to continuing her love for leading worship in college, whether serving in chapel or in a small group in her dorm. She loves using her talents for the glory of God.

Vivienne C.

Could Your Young Learner Win a Sonlight Scholarship?

From preschool through high school graduation, Sonlight prepares your students. We have the big picture in mind, and we help you raise students prepared to launch into any career God calls them to. We share your desire to help your children succeed, and we’ll walk alongside to help you create the long-term educational experience you envision.

Did you know we've awarded more than $1.8 million to Sonlight graduates to date?

Each year, our charitable foundation offers a number of college scholarships, ranging from $4,000 to $20,000, spread over four years. Each year, the Sonlight Foundation offers the following scholarships:

  • $5,000 per year
  • $2,500 per year
  • $1,000 per year

We offer scholarships on two tracks: one emphasizes academics, and the other creativity, mission-mindedness, and service. Got a perfect score on the SAT? Got average test scores, but served overseas during summer vacation for the last three years? In either case, you may qualify.

The Sonlight Foundation recognizes that academic giftedness is only one type of giftedness. If your student is gifted in academics, service, music, art, or has a heart for missions, we encourage you to submit an application.

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The 14 Best Christian Homeschool Programs & Curriculum Options

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best christian homeschool programs

Many parents who feel called to homeschool their children set out specifically to find Christian homeschool programs or curriculum. Homeschooling gives parents a unique opportunity to share the gospel with our children and approach subjects with a Biblical perspective.

Choosing Between Christian Homeschool Programs

Choosing the best Christian Homeschooling Program can feel daunting. There are a lot of Christian Homeschool companies with products available at the click of a mouse.

So, what should parents consider when choosing a Christian Homeschool program?

Factors To Consider When Comparing Homeschool Programs

Just like with any type of homeschooling curriculum, it’s important to consider factors like:

Maybe most importantly, which curriculum lights you up as a homeschool parent? 

Enthusiasm is infectious. If as a parent, you are excited to show up and get to work every day, that absolutely carries over to your children. 

What is a Christian-Based Homeschool Program?

A Christian-based homeschool program is specifically designed for families who want to include their Christian faith in their homeschool.

Subjects incorporate a Biblical worldview and offer opportunities to easily integrate Christian values and principles into everyday learning.

Why do so many Christians choose to homeschool?

Christian families may choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons.

Homeschooling offers parents a chance to carefully select programs and resources that resonate with their family’s values and beliefs. Choosing a Christian homeschool curriculum can help Christian parents avoid having their children introduced to material that isn’t in line with their faith. 

Many Christian parents also say they love homeschooling because it creates a strong family bond.

The 14 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum Options

There are many Christian-based homeschool programs and curriculum options available, and choosing which is the best fit can vary based on factors like denomination, learning styles, and even the number of children in the family.

We have compiled the following comprehensive list of the very best Christian homeschool programs and curriculum options, based on real homeschool families' experiences and feedback.

1. Sonlight

Sonlight offers complete literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum packages for students in preschool through 12th grade. Sonlight’s Instructor’s Guides provide detailed, fully-planned, no-prep lessons, and Sonlight provides both a thriving online homeschool community and support from homeschool advisors.

Sonlight now offers a new Montessori-based preschool curriculum.

2. Bob Jones University (BJU Press)

Bob Jones University has a homeschool program for grades Pre-K to 12 that prioritizes academic rigor. BJU Homeschool resources include textbooks and video courses.

3. Abeka

Abeka Homeschool Academy offers homeschooling curriculum for grades K-12. Abeka uses textbooks and video lessons and a spiral approach to learning.

4. Easy Peasy All-In-One

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool is a free/donation-based homeschool program created by homeschooling parent Lee Giles. Find K-8th grade resources here, and Easy-Peasy All-In-One high school resources here.

5. Master Books

Master Books is a Creationist-centered, hands-on literature-based program for children ages 3 through high school. Master Books materials are intended to grow students’ faith through an open-and-go, eclectic homeschooling approach.

6. Accelerated Christian Education

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) provides self-paced lessons for K-12 students. ACE’s main focus is on combining character-building with academics.

7. Veritas Press

Veritas Press is a Classical homeschool curriculum that uses Great Books and Classic Literature as its foundation. Veritas Press aims to provide options for hands-on, visual and auditory learners.

8. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega offers print curriculum options for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and print and computer-based curriculum options for grades 3-12. Alpha Omega focuses on five main subjects: ​​Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

9. Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota Homeschooling features open-and go plans for students aged 2 through high school. Heart of Dakota uses a Charlotte Mason approach and hands-on activities. 

10. The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum emphasizes literature and character development for students in Pre-K - high school. This curriculum integrates subjects and focuses on whole-family learning. 

11. Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a Classical Christian homeschooling curriculum for students in grades Pre-K-12. Their curriculum includes subjects like Latin and Logic. Memoria Academy is their online learning portal for students in grades 3-12.

12. My Father’s World

My Father’s World uses a unit-study approach, and combines Classical Education and Charlotte Mason methodologies. For students in Pre-K through 12th grade, My Father’s World uses a family learning cycle approach and is based on structured mornings with flexible afternoons.

13. Seton Home Study School

Seton Home Study School is a Catholic Homeschool curriculum focused on structure and traditional teaching. Seton is an accredited school that assists Catholic homeschool parents in teaching students in Pre-K through high school.

14. Mother of Divine Grace 

Mother of Divine Grace is a Classical Catholic Homeschooling program. It aims to offer flexibility and a range of support options for Catholic Homeschool families.

Can You Homeschool Without a Curriculum?

All homeschool families may not need a full homeschool curriculum, but we find that many Christian families truly thrive with Sonlight’s all-in-one, open-and-go-complete curriculum homeschool packages.

Sonlight gives parents more time to teach and be with their children because lessons are fully planned, and many subjects can be combined for students of various ages.

With Sonlight, parents can rest assured that their family is getting the best Christian Homeschool education through carefully chosen literature/read-aloud resources, hands-on activity kits, and detailed Instructor Guides.

Sonlight also offers resources for families and access to homeschool experts. Whether you’re wondering about full curriculum packages, how to choose the best homeschool math curriculum, or how to get started with children in preschool or Kindergarten, Sonlight is here to support your family.

Homeschooling With Sonlight

There are so many reasons to homeschool using Sonlight curriculum, and we hope you’ll head here to learn more

We also welcome you to  try Sonlight for FREE.

Sonlight has been a favorite among Christian homeschooling families for more than 30 years.  Start planning with Sonlight and get encouragement and support today.

sonlight catalog

Find the freedom of educating your kids at their own pace with a Sonlight program. No matter when you start your school year, your plans are ready.

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The Three Rs: Covering the Basics as a New Homeschooler

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The Three Rs: Covering the Basics as a New Homeschooler

When you think about a good education, you think about the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic. How might you approach these key areas in your children's homeschool education? Here's a basic overview of the foundations you'll want to cover with your very young children.

1. Reading

Let's start with reading, because that is my passion. If you can encourage your children to read, you'll do them a great service. When they read, they

  • build their vocabulary
  • build imagination
  • develop an understanding of history
  • begin to grasp what makes good and great writing

I recommend that your children read every day. And even better than just having your children read to themselves? Read out loud to them as well.

There's a unique dynamic that happens when we read aloud to our children. As you share that activity together, you can generate topics to talk about. When you come across issues (like bullying, for example), use that as a jumping off point for meaningful discussions.

I believe that reading also produces a love of learning (especially when compared to dull textbooks). Giving your children a love of learning is a true gift indeed.

How to Teach Reading: Phonics vs. Whole Language

But how should we teach reading? I highly recommend the phonetic method. School systems tend to use whole language reading. For example, students look at the word girl and memorize the meaning of this particular combination of letters. With phonics, they learn to sound out the g, the ir combination, and the final l.

The main reason I think schools use whole language is that it's a little faster and can start kids reading sooner. But a (major) disadvantage is that about a third of the kids just don't get it. With the phonetic method, you prepare kids to read anything that comes their way. I learned through whole language and used to have trouble when I encountered a long word I hadn't seen before. As an added perk, phonics instruction helps kids learn to spell much more effectively.

I recommend that you begin with phonetic readers. Beware of the many whole language readers in the beginning to read section of libraries. If you see difficult (non-phonetic) sentences like, "Look at the kangaroo with her baby, a joey" in early readers, run! Your kids won't be able to sound those out.

The most effective way to get your kids to read is to start with phonetic readers that practice the sounds your kids have been learning and allow them to build on what they learn. Start with the easiest letters to hear and distinguish, like f, p, t and s. Look for short vowel sounds as well, since approximately 60% of all words have short vowel sounds. For example, you want words like fad instead of fade.

Sonlight curriculum is designed around a phonetic approach and assigns phonetic readers that align perfectly with the lessons.

2. Writing

I recommend using dictation as the method for teaching your children how to write. In the beginning, allow them to copy words and sentences. Eventually, you can start to dictate: you speak sentences and they write them down. This is a very easy and effective model to teach writing.

If you use excellent writing as your material for copywork and dictation, your kids will benefit from focusing on solid writing mechanics. They'll naturally practice capitalization, punctuation and good sentence structure.

I suggest having your children do some form of writing every day. Sonlight schedules this for you!


Since most kids need to learn the physical act of writing, I recommend the program Handwriting Without Tears. It's an engaging program that walks parents through every step in teaching proper handwriting. I don't think the handwriting is particularly gorgeous, but it is very readable and doable.


In the first years of my homeschooling journey, I didn't think I needed to teach spelling. I had taught my children phonics—surely that was enough! But then in third grade I had my kids take some standardized tests. The results made it quite clear that I did, in fact, need to teach spelling. Don't make my mistake. Choose All About Spelling or Spelling You See — both excellent programs I wish I had used with my children.

I've found the most effective method for that is to teach words in groups. For example, practice lots of ea words together one week: ear, hear, fear, dear. This technique helps students learn patterns in spelling.


The reason we teach grammar is to clean up our writing. If you have your children look for the verb in a sentence they wrote and there isn't one ... they can know it's probably a fragment. I suggest teaching grammar naturally as you walk through life.

  • Point out nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Analyze sentences in your dictation.
  • Put a symbol above each word in a sentence noting whether each word is a verb, adjective, adverb, etc.

These day-to-day activities will help solidify the grammar concepts you're teaching.

3. Arithmetic

For math, education experts recommend that young children use lots of manipulatives. These can be anything from white beans to custom-designed products that match your curriculum. Math deals primarily with symbols, and young children often don't understand what symbols mean. Manipulatives connect real-world meaning to the abstract symbols of math.

So if your kids are stuck on a problem and can't figure it out, think of a way to show them in the physical realm what you want them to figure out. For example, give them an intimidating pile of beans and tell your kids to count them. That might seem hard. Next, have them separate the big pile into smaller piles of 10. Then replace each pile of 10 beans with 1 popsicle stick with a 10 written on it. Then count the popsicle sticks to find the total number of beans. This activity will help them understand and remember why we use base 10.

The MathTacular DVDs are particularly great for connecting the real-world to potentially difficult math concepts.

Math facts are a necessary evil, so please make sure your kids learn them. (You don't want them counting on their fingers when they get to calculus!)

Workbooks in math can be a comfort to moms, but I'm not convinced they're as necessary as we tend to think. If you use math and talk through math problems in your daily life, that's probably enough to reinforce the lessons. But if you want extra peace of mind and want to know you're completely on track, workbooks can be a comfort to you.

So there they are: the 3 Rs. If you do these with your children, you're doing plenty to provide your children with an outstanding education that will serve them well.

Want more encouragement?

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Christmas Around the World—Germany

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Christmas is one of the most beloved and widely celebrated holidays worldwide. It is a special time that brings joy and sparkle to our lives with feasting and special rituals, colorful decorations, and the exchanging of gifts. Traditions have developed around this holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and
they have changed as they have crossed borders into other countries and over time.

Dive into Christmas Traditions in Germany below. Download Sonlight's Christmas Around the World ebook to explore Christmas traditions from 19 different countries around the world, including 6 of the 7 continents!

Explore Christmas Traditions in the Germany while listening to this episode of the InquisiKids podcast.

Christmas Traditions in Germany

Germany has a rich and longstanding tradition of celebrating Christmas, and many of its customs and traditions have been adopted by other countries. Like the Netherlands, Germany is known for their Christmas markets, called Weihnachtsmärkte, which open in late November and run through December. People shop for holiday decorations as well as hand-crafted gifts. Learn more about these famous markets in the podcast above.

Germans observe the season of Advent with an Advent wreath and count down the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar. You can often find these items at the Christmas markets.

On day 2 of Jotham’s Journey and I love it so far. Our kids made advent wreaths out of construction paper and and made the paper chain advent calendar. —Kacey R.

On the night of December 5th, children in Germany clean their boots and place them outside their doors. Sankt Nikolaus (St. Nicholas) fills the boots with small gifts, chocolates, oranges, and nuts, but the main Christmas celebration is Heiligabend on December 24. Families exchange gifts, attend a church service, and celebrate with roast goose, duck, or carp, served with red cabbage, potato dumplings, and gravy.

The tradition of decorating evergreen trees is believed to have originated in Germany. On Christmas Eve families use ornaments, lights, tinsel, and a special tree topper, such as an angel or star, to decorate their Christmas tree.

These are just a few Christmas traditions in Germany. Each region has its own unique variations on these customs.

Christmas Crafts in Germany

Gingerbread houses originated in Germany in the 16th century. They were decorated with foil and gold leaf and became associated with Christmas tradition. For a simpler gingerbread craft, try trimming your tree this year with a gingerbread ornament—see instructions below.

Gingerbread Ornament

These DIY Gingerbread Men Ornaments are quick to put together, and because the base shapes are foam, these are very lightweight for your tree, too! Click here for instructions.

Christmas Recipes in Germany

Germans are known for baking cookies at Christmas. However, they also enjoy seasonal treats such as bratwurst, Lebkuchen, and Glühwein. Many families have traditional recipes for Christmas treats that have been passed down for generations. Try adding one of these popular German Christmas cookies to your collection. Get the recipes for Pfeffernüsse, Lebkuchen, and Vanillekipferl below.

Download a Christmas Playlist

German Christmas music traditions are deeply rooted in the country's rich history of festive celebrations. Choral singing, particularly the performance of classic carols and hymns, plays a significant role in German holiday customs. Renowned Christmas carols like Stille Nacht (Silent Night) and O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) originated in Germany, adding a timeless and melodious dimension to the season. Check out Sonlight's Christmas Around the World Spotify playlist here to download Christmas music from Germany around the world.

What is your favorite tradition to celebrate with your family around Christmastime?

From traditional festivities to unique customs, we hope these German traditions add a rich diversity to your family celebrations during this joyous holiday. Download the complete Christmas Around the World ebook to infuse your holiday traditions with Christmas customs, recipes, and crafts from 19 countries around the world.

We'd love to hear more about the traditions you celebrate in your own home! Share your stories on your favorite social media outlet using #sonlightstories or comment below. Have a tradition you'd like to see added to this post? Let us know, by emailing us at main@sonlight.com.

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Christmas Around the World—India

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Christmas is one of the most beloved and widely celebrated holidays worldwide. It is a special time that brings joy and sparkle to our lives with feasting and special rituals, colorful decorations, and the exchanging of gifts. Traditions have developed around this holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and
they have changed as they have crossed borders into other countries and over time.

Dive into Christmas Traditions in India below. Download Sonlight's Christmas Around the World ebook to explore Christmas traditions from 19 different countries around the world, including 6 of the 7 continents!

Explore Christmas Traditions in the India while listening to this episode of the InquisiKids podcast.

Christmas Traditions in India

Only 2% of India is Christian but 25% of the State of Goa is. Consequently, this coastal state in southwestern India has a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese influences as a result of its colonial history. This fusion of cultures has resulted in some distinctive Christmas traditions. Midnight Mass, nativity scenes, and Christmas carols are popular practices. Goans take immense pride in creating intricate and beautifully detailed cribs, or nativity scenes. Many families and communities organize crib-making competitions, where they showcase their artistic skills and creativity.

In coastal areas of Goa, beachside celebrations are common. People gather on the beaches to enjoy music, dance, and fireworks.

While the figure of Santa Claus is not as prominent in Goa as in some other parts of the world, some children receive gifts from Santa Claus, who is known as Papa Noel or Bom Vavaddo in Konkani.

Traditional Goan folk dances, such as the Dekhnni and the Corridinho, are performed at Christmas gatherings. These dances are characterized by colorful costumes and lively music.

Christmas Recipes in India

India celebrates Christmas with pomp, gaiety, and devotion. Christmas dinner is celebrated with a delightful fusion of flavors, reflecting the country's diverse culinary traditions and often features a mix of both traditional Western and regional Indian dishes. Roast meats, biryani (spiced rice with meat or vegetables), and rich curries are popular choices, alongside festive sweets like plum cake, rose cookies, and kulkuls.

The Indian state of Goa is renowned for its unique Christmas cuisine, featuring dishes like Sannas (steamed rice cakes) and Sorpotel (spiced pork stew).

Kuswar is a set of sweets and snacks made and exchanged by Christians in India during the Christmas season. The kuswar basket, tray, or platter has many sweets and savories, and each family customizes the contents. Some examples of kuswar include: 

  • Kulkuls—a traditional Goan Christmas sweet that is deep-fried and coated in sugar.
  • Gulab Jamun—deep-fried milk solids soaked in sugar syrup.
  • Rose Cookies

These desserts, often enjoyed with a cup of masala chai, represent the sweet and diverse tapestry of Indian Christmas traditions, adding a joyful and flavorful note to the festive season.

Download a Christmas Playlist

Check out Sonlight's Christmas Around the World Spotify playlist here to download Christmas music from India and around the world.

What is your favorite tradition to celebrate with your family around Christmastime?

From traditional festivities to unique customs, we hope these Indian traditions add a rich diversity to your family celebrations during this joyous holiday. Download the complete Christmas Around the World ebook to infuse your holiday traditions with Christmas customs, recipes, and crafts from 19 countries around the world.

We'd love to hear more about the traditions you celebrate in your own home! Share your stories on your favorite social media outlet using #sonlightstories or comment below. Have a tradition you'd like to see added to this post? Let us know, by emailing us at main@sonlight.com.

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Christmas Around the World—Lebanon

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Christmas is one of the most beloved and widely celebrated holidays worldwide. It is a special time that brings joy and sparkle to our lives with feasting and special rituals, colorful decorations, and the exchanging of gifts. Traditions have developed around this holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and
they have changed as they have crossed borders into other countries and over time.

Dive into Christmas Traditions in Lebanon below. Download Sonlight's Christmas Around the World ebook to explore Christmas traditions from 19 different countries around the world, including 6 of the 7 continents!

Explore Christmas Traditions in the Lebanon while listening to this episode of the InquisiKids podcast.

Christmas Traditions in Lebanon

Lebanon has a significant Christian population, and Christmas is an important holiday in this country. However, it has a diverse religious population, so people celebrate Christmas with a mix of traditions.
While gift-giving is practiced in many Lebanese households, the emphasis on gift-bringers like Santa
Claus varies. In some areas with Christian majorities, children may expect gifts from Baba
(Santa Claus), while in others, the focus may be more on family gatherings, Midnight Mass, and traditional festive meals.

Christmas is celebrated on January 7th by Christians in Lebanon with church services.

Nativity scenes and Christmas markets are popular, and Christmas lights and decorations are used to decorate homes and balconies. Christmas is a time for charitable activities in Lebanon where
organizations and individuals engage in acts of kindness and giving to help those in need during the
holiday season.

Christmas Recipes in Lebanon

Lebanese families often gather for a special Christmas Eve dinner, which may include traditional dishes like roast lamb, kibbeh (a type of meat croquette), stuffed grape leaves, mezze plates of hummus and beet and tahini salad and a variety of sweets.

Among the cherished sweets is Ma'amoul, a delicate shortbread-like cookie stuffed with dates, or a mix of nuts and sugar and shaped with decorative molds. Another favorite is Knafeh, a sweet and crunchy pastry made with shredded phyllo dough, stuffed with a gooey layer of cheese or semolina, and soaked in fragrant rose or orange blossom water. Baklava is also a staple, featuring layers of flaky pastry, nuts, and sweet syrup. Atayef is another cherished addition to the Lebanese Christmas dinner. These small, folded pancakes are stuffed with sweet cheese or nuts and then fried or baked.

Due to its relationship with France, some families enjoy a bûche de Noël for dessert.

In traditional Lebanese homes, Christmas dinner is never complete without a cup of meghleh. It is a fine rice pudding cooked with sugar and several spices (especially cinnamon) and decorated with layers of coconut powder, almonds, walnuts, and dried raisins.

Try adding one of these sweet and aromatic delights to your Christmas celebrations this year with the recipes below!

Download a Christmas Playlist

Check out Sonlight's Christmas Around the World Spotify playlist here to download Christmas music from Lebanon and around the world. Some popular Lebanese Christmas songs are Lay-let Eid (to the tune of Jingle Bells), Dawe b Layali Saeeda (to the tune of Gloria, In Excelsis Deo), and Hallelujah.

What is your favorite tradition to celebrate with your family around Christmastime?

From traditional festivities to unique customs, we hope these Lebanese traditions add a rich diversity to your family celebrations during this joyous holiday. Download the complete Christmas Around the World ebook to infuse your holiday traditions with Christmas customs, recipes, and crafts from 19 countries around the world.

We'd love to hear more about the traditions you celebrate in your own home! Share your stories on your favorite social media outlet using #sonlightstories or comment below. Have a tradition you'd like to see added to this post? Let us know, by emailing us at main@sonlight.com.

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