Possessive, Passive, Gerunds, and Affilate Links

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Sonlight's website has a bunch of pages. There's just a lot you can learn about Sonlight. But sometimes this huge amount of content makes it hard for us to catch all the problems.

Take today, for instance: Are the Sonlight IGs Instructor Guides, Instructors Guides, Instructor's Guides, or Instructors' Guides?

After talking it over with Laura Lee, one of the writers here at Sonlight, I learned that currently the official phrase is "Sonlight® Instructor's Guides."



The IG page has now been updated from "Sonlight's Instructor Guides" to reflect this change in possessive case.

...but that sentence is passive voice. And that's not good writing. ...but "writing" is a gerund, which should also be avoided, thus requiring a rewrite:

I have updated the IG page. No other corrections in what I have written are required.

There is still much work for me to do. Today, while looking into building an Affiliate link, I ran across the Affiliate Links Guidelines page. As I looked at the sample HTML, I realized that some of it is wrong.

So, I added that to my list of things to improve.

The good news is that this is life: A constant opportunity to improve. Sometimes it's little things, like broken web links; other times it's big things, like character issues.

May you see real growth in your life--and in the lives of those closest to you--today.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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