Not Negative: The Positives of Homeschooling

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Taryn has an excellent post about how her family started homeschooling. It's fun and encouraging; definitely worth the read.

What inspired me was a profound observation she made: She started homeschooling because of the things pushing her away from other school options. Now, she says, she focuses on the things that pull her toward homeschooling.

Push vs Pull

I've heard many other homeschoolers express similar sentiments. They started exploring homeschooling because something wasn't working in public or private schools. But soon they discover homeschooling isn't a last resort in a long line of bad options. Rather, it is a fantastic way to get an education! In fact, learning together at home has so many benefits, they begin to promote homeschooling for its own sake. The negative factors in other options are still out there, but the benefits of homeschooling far outshine the bad things that nudged them to explore this approach to education.

Marketing gurus suggest that you avoid negatives; don't use the word no.

Er... I mean:

Marketing gurus suggest that you stick to the positives; say yes instead of no. And perhaps that's something we should keep in mind: The benefits of homeschooling are the best things to think about and share with others.

What are your favorite benefits of homeschooling and learning together?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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