Where do the world's needs intersect with your skills and passion?

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Twenty-five years ago, it all came together. I learned about a serious need in the world. I saw that I had the skills to help meet that need. And, I noticed God building a passion in me about all of this.

And so we started Sonlight.

As we now look to the start of Sonlight's 26th year, I'm reminded of an exciting question. I don't know where I first heard it, but it seems to be a popular notion now:

Where do your skills, your passion, and a significant need intersect?

You may have more than one answer to this, but one critical answer for you is ... your family! You are passionate about your children in a way that no one else but your spouse is. You have the skills to take care of them and educate them. And they have a deep, true need for you.

If you wonder whether you're passionate about your children, just think of what you willingly and lovingly go through for them. Or what you'd do if someone was trying to hurt them. I have no doubt – the passion is there.

If you wonder whether you have the skills to love and raise them, can I point out that you're already doing that? You have helped them learn to walk, to talk, and to interact with other people. And, Sonlight helps you gain the skills to homeschool. (If you need more help, just call!) You will undoubtedly continue to grow in all the skills of homemaking and child-rearing year after year.

And there's no question that your children have an enormous need for you. You are irreplaceable in their lives. No one else can play the role in their lives that you can. So much of a person's lot in life is influenced by their parents' love and care for them.

So it makes sense that a priority in your life is to love, guide and educate your children. It makes sense that this takes up an enormous chunk of your time and energy.

Another priority is naturally going to be your spouse. You are your spouse's partner in life. We need to be faithful to that huge responsibility and gift.

You may have other areas where skills, passion and need intersect. But if you need a reminder that what you're doing day-in and day-out is important, remember this. Some people search their whole lives for something meaningful to do in the world. You're already doing something huge.

So wherever God leads you now and in the future, thank you for serving those he's put closest to you. Keep up the good work! Parenting and homeschooling are huge, wonderful and worthy callings indeed.


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